Cornell & Diehl - Orion's Arrow
Great blend at bulk prices.
I have been smoking this blend for quit a few years. It, along with Old Joe Krantz, is smoked daily. Before I started smoking Orion`s, I never really gave Orientals much thought. That has changed. The tartness of this leaf plays well with the other components. Orion`s is quite spicy, with the amount of Perique and pretty sweet with the two Virginas. When fresh, the Oriental leaf is in the fore front for me. Sweet Virginia taking the lead mid bowl. Perique adding its nasel sting all the way through. I don`t have any issue with tongue bite and do not detect any casing or topping. Now, move ahead three years. That amount of age brings the Red Virginia to the front. While smoking this blend today, with the age: was reminded of an old favorite St. James Flake of McClellands. That flake didn't have the Turkish leaf, I know. Yet, there it was; thinking of McClellands distinctive Red Virginia. I smoke so much of this that I would go through my normal one pound order before it could get more than three or four months of age on it. So, in 2017, I ordered multiple pounds and glad I did. With three years of age, at less than forty dollars a pound, this blend can compete with any "premium" tinned blend.

Cornell & Diehl
Crooner 2oz

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Cornell & Diehl
Orion's Arrow

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Cornell & Diehl
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