Randall A.

Lane Limited - TK-6
not for me
“Although i do enjoy the sweeter flavors that pipe tobbaco offers i personaly found this to be way to sweet for me........the other thing was a very bad sweet after taste but worse than that a very heavy cherry smell remained in the bowl and affected the taste of other tobbacos ...i had to fill the bowl with pipe cleaner soulition over night to get it out...and it did with no further issues ...

Lane Limited - HS-3
another great one from lane
“This tobbaco is suprisingly good...it burns well and has an excellent room note. For me the flavor was a light citrus flavor that stays with you throuhout the entire bowl, it ends with a woodsey flavor....no tougue bite at all no nasty after taste ....delightful smoke..i am adding this to my regular tobbaco stock.”

Lane Limited - Black Raspberry
well 1st off reviews of any tobacco is as individual as we are, as any long time pipe smoker will tell you. my review is what I experienced and not necessarily what you may or may not experience. That said , I have found this tobacco to be simply delightful , the room note is extremely pleasant as well as the mildness and smoothness and flavor of the smoke. burns well and for me and was able to maintain an even amber through out the bowl.. I had a light raspberry flavor through out the entire bowl . not to sweet at all,, for me just right..no tongue bite no bitter after taste .it is like smoking a lollypop without being ridiculously sweet.i also found having a bottle of spring water to cleans the pallet occasionally will really bring out the flavors of this tobacco ... so .if you enjoy a mild slightly sweet without being too sweet aromatic blend .this tobacco for you is worthy of a try.. enjoy

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