Robert H.

Camacho - ABA Robusto
Awesomely Bold
The Camacho ABA is a very bold, spicy, flavorful cigar. The richness of this cigar makes it a fine after dinner choice.

Perla Del Mar - "M" Shade Robusto
Different, In a Good Way
My preferences tend toward cigars such as the Romeo Anejo, La Gloria Cubana Serie R and my own Nicaraguan-heavy blends with maduro wrappers. This cigar was a step outside the norm. Yes, it was different, but in a very pleasing, make me want another one kind of way. This cigar is rich and creamy and, yes, you can pick up the Nicaraguan flavors, but, somehow, they don't dominate the profile. This cigar will "sneak up on you" doesn't seem strong, but toward the end, you'll be feeling the nicotine. This is a great smoke.

Cornell & Diehl - Mississippi Mud 2oz
Bold Flavor
Mississipi Mud is my favorite smoke. Rich, savory flavor and, despite what I've read in other reviews, my wife didn't mind the room note a bit. This tobacco has a permanent place in my rotation. As the flavor tends to get better over time, even from the beginning of a tin to the end, I'll probably build up a supply of this to cellar. Besides, a day without my Mud is, well, just not the day it could have been.

Peter Stokkebye - Mango
Sweet and Mild
This tobacco smells sweet in the bag and doesn't disappoint in the pipe. While not getting a load of mango flavor, it is present and nestled nicely in the overall sweet note. This will have a spot in my rotation.

Gawith Hoggarth & Co. - Black Irish X
I received my order of Black Irish Twist yesterday. After work, I cut some coins and rubbed out a bowlful for my small SMS Meerschaum, taking into considertion what others have said about this tobacco. My wife found the room note somewhat objectionable, so I headed for the man cave. The nicotine hit is strong, but not what I would consider overpowering. I love the is rich and earthy, with hints of leather. I didn't get the burnt steak or motor oil flavor. I will definitely order more of this, but it may be while...this is not something I would smoke everyday.

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