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was snowed in under 10 ft. of snow..... had a corn cob and cherry borkum riff and a working internet..lol. i have since been reading and trying different pipes and tobaccos... i'm addicted to hobbies..like pipes, there's always room for more !

Cornell & Diehl - Corn Cob Pipe and A Button Nose 2oz
Nice surprise ...
a sweet vanilla,cocoa and a slight nutty smell from the tin... the cube cut fills the bowl real easy.. lights and smokes all the way to the end..not goopy at all.. the taste of vanilla and cocoa is above average and stays throughout, as does the nutty burley.. i also get a slight whiskey hint now and then(could be me just wishing).. what is a nice little surprise, is the nicotine that you don't normally get from an aromatic, the kind you can feel in the back of your throat.. i tend to freight train my pipe and miss some subtleties, sipping it on the other hand, will probably let the flavors come out more.. this will make a nice addition to the fall weather rotation.

Gawith Hoggarth & Co. - Cherry Cream Flake
Nice stuff !
The flake smells nice, bright dry hay, with a light "real cherry" smell.. the flakes seem dry, trust me, they are not... rub a flake out, let it air dry for at least 20-30 minutes to avoid the tongue bite.. after that, sip it for a nice virginia taste with a light and smoothe cherry smoke.. the room note is pleasent, and it has a nice little nicotine hit.. it smokes nice out of my unfiltered Dagner cob.

Gawith Hoggarth & Co. - Ennerdale Flake 50g
Awesome !
I don't believe there is a middle ground with this blend, you love it or hate it... I love it, it's awesome... it's everything people said it tastes and smells like... a soapy grandma that was pouring a gallon of cheap flowery perfume on while eating dried tropical fruit and nut trail mix waiting for her big night out at the senior center with polka dancing and bingo.. if you can't handle that kind of party, this ain't for you.. to me, this is like Ashton Rainy Day but easily twice as strong.. just rub a flake out, leave it on a plate spread flat for 20 minutes, load a bowl and it's all good!. the taste is there all the way through, and even after... lol.

Peterson - St. Patrick's Day 2016 50g
Surprised !
the tin note is excellent, i get the coconut, irish creme, but i get a hint of orange chocolate... overall very fresh and light smelling... the moisture out of tin is right on.. it lights and burns easily... not a goopy mess.. as i sip it, i get a light taste of all toppings, as i draw more i get nice virginia with good body from the burly.. i really don't get a traditional cavendish taste like most aromatics, but it is there.. i can not get this to bite (which is great).. this is not like taking a bite of coconut or a shot of bailey's.. the taste is overall consistent through the whole pipe,light but noticeable,i almost think they could push the topping just a little more and still be good without getting goopy.. i hope they consider keeping this blend year round.

Sillem's - Black 100g
This is like Captain black concentrate...(you could make 10 pouches of Capt. black from 1 tin of Sillem's).. it comes in a plastic bag inside the tin.. it smells like full cavendish , sweet fruits and honey, "they're not kidding".. it tastes strong just like it smells.. i took a step back when i lit it, it's Potent!!! to say the least... sipping this you'll definitely taste the sweet and cavendish , so much so, it feels like a tongue depresser in the back of your throat .. smoke it fast and you get the latakia (spicy and campfire) with all the sweet.. this stuff is wild!.. people around you will love the smell of this .. if you are a regular aromatic smoker, you must try this... if you're like me and love the latakia bombs, this is a different animal .. one tin is enough for me, but i can see why people want this stuff by the case.

Samuel Gawith - Bothy Flake 50g
dry it out..
I totally agree with Daniel M.'s review.. dry it out.. rub it out all the way.. it's a good smoke with a nice hint of whiskey...

McClelland - Club Blends: CPCC Scottish Woods 50g
Almost middle of the road for an english type blend.. it's not a bad smoke, nor a great smoke.. to me it seemed to be just "there".. like if someone offers you a cup of coffee.. "here, have some english tobacco".. if you like a light english this might be one of them..

Cornell & Diehl - Pirate Kake 16oz
Come to the darkside...
Awesome!.. smokey, smoothe, a little tangy, a little spicy.. not as much nicotine as you would think.. a great full english/oriental.. sip it like hot coffee and you get the brilliant orientals.. chug it and you get the smokey goodness that drives the annoying neighbors away.

McClelland - Holiday Spirit 2015 50g
Christmas in a can !
Wow an aromatic that tastes exactly how it smells... not a little bit , but a lot.. the smell is Christmas in a can .. this has a good body to it.. lots of awesome smoke.. room note is fantastic.. just let it dry for 15 min before you pack a bowl.. stays lit, smokes great.

Cornell & Diehl - Autumn Evening 2oz
pretty good
nice maple smell from tin... smokes nice.. mild maple taste all the way through the bowl .. good virginia taste with it.. a winner.

Cornell & Diehl - Golden Days of Yore 2oz
Golden Days of...Nope
I was excited after seeing their video on how they make the sauce for this..I get the slightest.. slightest hint of their spices from the tin..never to be seen again after that.. full virginia is what i really get when smoked.. tongue bite and all, even with a 9mm briar pipe..my neighbor stopped by when i was smoking this and asked if i was back on the cigarettes.. if you are looking for a proper aromatic, this is not it... try McClelland Holiday Spirit

Esoterica - Penzance 2oz
Revisited this blend..
I revisited this blend after 4 months of it resting in a mason jar... it made a difference to me.. i still get a traditional english smell, leather , raisin, hay, latakia... but with a smoothe and slightly refined pungent quality... smoking it i get the same taste especially the smoothness and that weird almost day old porkchop fat like smell, if that makes sense to anybody, but nevertheless this is a unique smoke and i give it a 4 star and i would buy it again...

G. L. Pease - The Virginia Cream 2oz
Not as promised..
I hope i got an oddball tin.... For me, the tin note smells of a light cream soda and beechnut chewing tobacco (nice).. charring light was promising, a little sweet and hint of rum.. after that it was all dark fired kentucky, perique with the smallest hint of virginia.. it reminded me of a milder HH old dark fired (which i like).. this is a good smoke if thats what i wanted. the tin i received did not deliver on it's promise, i was expecting a smoothe slightly aromatic cream flavor and did not get it.. i tried this in cobs, briars, pear wood and even a morta, results were the same.. it's a good smoke but not as promised.

Holiday Spirit 2015 50g

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