Wessex - Gold Virginia Flake 50g
Nice and bright, Perfect amount of sweetness and strength. somewhat cereal like oat flavor. A sleeper Tabaco. Packed with nicotine, not mild, similar to DLF, little stronger. I usually don't give out my secrets, but this blend ranks among the top 5 for me. Always sold out. I buy it for 3x the price at my local BM. it's worth it. for the VA veteran..

Tampers & Tools - Laguiole Calumet Pipe Tool Briar (with Leather Bag)
I was not expecting much, but it's a necessary evil to clear out the bowl of your pipe. Spend the coin on this tool. It's not only beautiful, but durable. Everything is tight and I am impressed with the attention to detail. Exquisite Piece of craftsmanship.

Lighters - Dunhill Unique Palladium Plate Barley
Garbage. Whoever made this lighter forgot to shave/Sand down the metal. I cut Myself due to unfinished silverwork on one side. Shame on smoking pipes for quality control. Trash. I threw it in the garbage I was Furious.

Ashtrays - Savinelli Ceramic 1 Pipe Green Ashtray
Pipe Holder too narrow
The Piece Is cosmetically attractive,but lacks functionality. The Pipe holder is too narrow for even a group 4+. Should have been made deeper. Pipe is not Held securely in the holder. Threw it in the Garbage!!