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Cornell & Diehl - Star of the East Gold
Nice Oriental Interpretation of a classic
The new Star of the East Gold is a very interesting interpretation of an old classic. But, indeed, it is a completely differnet blend. When smoking, not the Latakia is the most prominent note, the Orientals playing clearly the main role. Latakia gives it a bit of smokyness, the Virginia is not very much tasteable, but gives this tobacco a good body and it burns very well. It's not overly heavy, but has body enough to keep it interesting. As most of the C&D Blends, it has less sweetness, but a dry and intense, quite boldf flavour. For a C&D Bulk Blend it has a remarkable elegance, and it will age for sure beautifully. Good stuff for Oriental lovers!

Gawith Hoggarth & Co. - Balkan Mixture
Strong and good
When you open the Pouch, there is of course a heavy smell of Latakia, but it doesn't play the main role. Oriental Tobaccos and quite strong Virginia is striking,and giving this mixture it's name. It#s a wonderful, slow burning balkan, that is a little bit stronger in nicotine than the rest of "Balkan Mixtures". Not as powerful as some C&D Blends, but pwoerful enough to stand ot of the line. It still has some elegance and creamyness- not pure boldness. I will buy more for shure!

Cornell & Diehl - Habana Daydream
Well, i like C&D Bulk- Blends, but this one left me quite unsatisfied. Of course, it has the right dryness, and it burns very well and even. But the overall Flavour was very unbalanced and harsh. You smell the Virginias, the Perique and the Cigarleaf. No smell or taste of BC or Latakia at all. It is far less cigar- like as purple cow- it is just harsh and spicy. It remembers me cheap cigarette- tobacco, sorry. Nearly no developement while smoking. Very monochromatic. And only a small nic- hit at the end. I have expected more. I'd rather stay with Plantation Evening...

Cornell & Diehl - London Squire
When you know C&D Bulk- Blends, you know what to expect. Rich and Strong, quite Earty and Robust, natural Tobacco. This one is a bit different. Of course, it is flavourfull, and of course it is a natural tocacco. And it has all the good characteristics of a C&D Blend. It is quite dry, very easy to light and burn. When you smell it, you smell Latakia, but also a sweet note of the Virginia and nutty smell of black cavendish. You can compare it with C&D Constellation. But London Squire is a bit less bold, and Black Cavendish is not so promiment. It reminds me somehow old Dunhill- Blends as they where still made at murrays. London or Standdard Mixture for example. London Squire is the most elegant, yet sophisticated C&D Latakia- Blend that i know. It has not such a big Nic- hit, and not a overwhelming Latakia- Content. Very harmonioulsly middle of the road english. Taste is quite complex, with a nutty- smoky notes and little sweetness. This could meant to be a Pease- Blend. I would recommend London Squire to those that look for a real classic english. Or those that find usual C&D Bulk- blends too strong. or even those, that look for a good quality, rich and elegant all- day smoke. Will Buy it again!

Sutliff - Old San Francisco 1.5oz
A true discovery!
Well, that stuff is a true surprise. Beneath all these famous Pease, Cornell & Diehl and McClelland- Blends there is another top- grade english- blend! Old San Fransisco is very dry, which make it very easy to burn and light. I've always prefered this dryer texture in latakia- blends. And is pretty fine- cut, makes it easy to handle. It has a strong earthy- smoky- peppery flavour. Latkia and Perique, together with dark fired leaf producing a very flavourful smoke. It has not a big Vitamin N- hit, so it's suitable for every english- smoker. It's a very well balanced and flavourful blend, which reminds me strongly some of the Pease- Blends. So if you are a english/ Latakia/ Balkan- Fan, you must buy a tin, and give it a try. Very unique and very good. Full five stars rating!

Cornell & Diehl - Plantation Evening
Far better than expected!
First of all i have to make some make this clear: Don't be irritated by 4 stars in strengh, that is just not true. Maybe 2-3 Stars, it is a pretty mild to medium tobacco. And "Middle of the Road English" is in my opinion not the right characterisation of this blend. On the other Hand it's hard to characterise. Plantation Evening has big parts of typical C&D Virginia Flake, Perique, Oriental and just a hint of Latakia. The first pipe i have smoked i was irritated by the lack of Latakia taste. The second pipe I've smoked i "understood" the tobacco a little bit more. All different tobacco- parts a so perfectly combined that no part sticks out. It is melting together in a spicy, little smoky very harmonious blend. It reminds me very much G.L.Pease Chelsea Morning, where Latakia is also so well embedded. Not shure for which type of pipesmokers it is made- it's nevertheless a excellent C&D Blend. But a straight english smoker could miss a bit Latakia, and a VaPer smoker could be irritated by smoky background notes. However, it burns very well, and after you have finished your bowl I'm sure you reach out for another one. I recommend it to every Pipesmoker that likes natural Tobaccos. No matter if beginner or experienced. You MUST give it a try!

Cornell & Diehl - Bijou 2oz
Wonderful- Fresh out of the tin
Don't be irritated by the advertisement. Of course, the tobacco has ageing potential, but it's fantastic right of the tin. No drying needed, no special cutting or preperation needed, just stuff it in xour pipe. It has a rich, deep and dark flavour. No added Aromes can be detected, very natural. For me it the best C&D Virginia so far, and has nothing in common with the little harsh Virginia- Bulk- Blends. In my opinion it's compareable to SG Full Virginia Flake, or Germains Rich Dark Flake, Maybe Esoterica Stonehaven- or a McClelland Flake. It's smooth, rich and not so heavy on Vitamin N. Perfect All day smoke, and pefect for re-re-re-re ordering and of course cellaring. I'm pretty much impressed!

John Cotton's - Smyrna 1.75oz
Quite OK- not outstanding
The smell of the tobacco is indeed very aromatic, with a lot of latakia. The cut is remarkable fine, makes it very easy to light. Dark and bright leaf is in the same proportions visible. The taste is Latakia- dominated, with a lot of sweetness from the Virginias. But it's very light, very monochromatic, changing only a little bit wile smoking. To be honest, i miss smome strengh, miss some more character. I guess it's a good choice for the latakia- beginner, or if you look for a Latakian All- day smoke. But it's too nice, and easy going to buy another tin. I will rather stay with G.L.Pease and Cornell & Diehl blends!

Cornell & Diehl - Constellation
The reason why i love Cornell & Diehl
The moisture is just perfect to smoke right out of the bag, and the different colours looking brilliant. Of course you smell the Latakia first, but Black Cavendish and Burley give it very complex cocoa- like smell to it. Lighting is very easy, one or two matches are enough. The taste is very complex smoky-choclate-nutty. It is a bold and strong blend, the smoke is very rich and satisfying. It reminds me somehow the old version of Dunhill 965. It burns very, very well and leaves just a bit of bright ash. Nearly no Moisture. Nicotine level is medium, it's not too strong. Recommend it to the serious english smoker, that are looking for a bold and satisfying late- evening Blend.For me it has replaced Star of the East from the 1st Place. Will buy more for sure.

Cornell & Diehl - Bourbon Bleu 2oz
Much too young!
Indeed, good marketing strategy. Received my samples as i ordered some McCl Tobaccos. I must admit that i am in general a big C&D- Fan, but this smoke was quite unsatisfying. It tastes green, harsh and citron-like, and leaves a lot of moisture in the pipe. Taste will improve when you smoke it in a Corn Cob, cause it absorbs the moisture better. I think C&D knows about the fact, that this blend is straight out of the tin too young to enjoy. That must be the reason that they recommend ageing. I give this blend only two stars, plus a half for ageing potential it surely has.

Bengal Slices - Bengal Slices 1.75oz
Good Tobacco, but uncompareable to the Original
I know the Old Bengal Slices very well. It was a very different, soapy, hard- texture Flake, that often causes heavy ghosting in your pipe. It was very different from all the other tobaccos, with a good dose of Latakia. It was a smoky- soapy- english slap in your face. The New Bengal Slices is a completely different Blend. It is a crumble cake, which is very nice for itself. The moisture is really perfect, dry enough to smoke. And it has a very different aroma. It smells and tastes a little bit like almonds, very smooth and soft, only little soapyness. The Latakia is well embedded, but in the background. Main roles are played by the Virginias and the aroma. It burns very, very well. Well, it is of course a good blend. But not compareable to the old one. This one is much friendlier, easy, and well behaved. Not sure if i will buy it again- It doesn't kicked me...

BriarWorks - Back Down South 2oz
Good VaPer Flake!
When you open the tin, you smell a interestig aroma- composition. Something between Liquor- Parline, venegar and dark chocklate. But, don't get me wrong- this is NOT an aromatic tobacco. The Flavour is just a light topping, the overall appereance of this blend is natural. I have expected a very robust and straight C&D- typical taste. But this Blend is far more elegant and balanced than most blends of this producer. Reminds me a bit a Pease- Blend. Typical, natural Virginia- Flavour, supported by spicy Perique. Flakes are slightly loose pressed, and very easy to pack. It burns very easy, and don't need drying time. Although, it's sometimes a bit harsh, i think because it's a young tobacco. I believe it will gain a lot when it ages. Perfect VaPer for Cellaring, and good choice for smokers that find most C&D Blends too overpowered. Note: The Tin is really made of Glass, and closes very well!

G. L. Pease - Quiet Nights 2oz
Very good and balanced
This is one of the first Pease Blends i have tried. I was a bit sceptical, because Key Largo, or Gaslight was a bit too much for me because of too much nicotine. But not this one. Quiet Nights has a lot of Flavour, but not so much nicotine. It is very balanced, lights easyliy and burns well. No drying is needed, perfect out of the tin. The Flakes are loosely pressed, no need to cut them. Very uncomplicated. Proves that everything Mr. Pease does with Latakia is going to be genius. Recommend it very much to those, that want to start the exploration of the Pease- tobacco- World. For more experienced smokers it could be a little to linear. Try it!

Grand Croupier - Double Down
It's really good
Different Kinds of bright Tobaccos mixed (I guess Virginias, Burleys, Orientals and Perique). The cut looks like it was made at Cornell & Diehl, all broad cut, not Flake or ready rubbed. That tobacco tastes surprisingly good and very natural. It has also body and complexity which surprises me, even for the price. Because of the very loose cut, it burns quite fast, without getting hot. No tongue bite. It really seems that this are the rests of high quality blends. Not bad at all, will buy a bigger amount again.

McClelland - 2015 Virginia-Perique Flake
One of the best VaPers ever!
Many reviews are written, so there is not much left to say. Anyway, here are my thaughts: - If you are alredy into VaPer you must try this! - If you already tryed other McClelland Flakes, you must try this one! - If you have smoked VaPer before, start with this! - If you have trouble with too much nicotine, try this! - If you look for a interesting, complex but easy enjoyable tobacco give tis a try! - If you have bought a small amount of this, buy a bigger amount. - Be ready to get addicted to it.

McClelland - 2025 - English Cavendish
Interesting Blend of Virginia and Orientals
Besides the other McClelland Bulk Flakes, this one is quite interesting. It has the same Virginia- Base as for example 2010 or 2015, but with a remarkable amount of oriental tobacco (no Latakia!). That makes it a little dryer, but also flowerish- fruity. It burns a little bit faster than the other Bulkflakes, without getting hot. It is also a bit easier to light. So, if you look for something differnet than VaPer or classic Virginia you should give this a try. Very interesting indeed!

Cornell & Diehl - Star of the East
Powerful, but mild enough. Flavorur!
This Tobacco relly fascinated me. I was a little bit sceptical about the strengh and nicotine- level. But that is all OK, even for an european tongue. Tobacco has a lot of Flavour, that not all comes from the Latakia. It's of course smoky, but as well a bit sweet, but has also a lot of robustness that reminds a cigar. You can clearly taste that this is a C & D Blend. Latakia is always present, but not dominant. You can easily see the differet mixture parts, when you open the pouch. Interesting, that stoved Virginia is clearly visible in quite broad Flake pieces. It burns very well, and leaves just a bit of ash. Very big recommendatation for those that look for a lot of Flavour, but having trouble with nicotine. Will buy more!

Cornell & Diehl - Briar Fox 2oz
You love it- or hate it.
This is a quite different Tobacco. Of course, the tobacco looks beautyful, the cake in the tin looks just delicous. Typically for C&D it's also very heasy to handle and light. But the taste is quite different. It's absolutely not an complex tobacco. Taste develops very little when you smoke a bowl. Someone said the taste is "one dimensional"- I can agree! But this one dimension is just awesome! Very robust Cedarwood- Like, with very little but present sweetness.Reminds a bit a classic domenican cigar. It's a perfect allday smoke- because you always not what you get, and will not be disappointed. Strengh is medium- especially for a european pipesmoker. Recommend it to everyone- just give it a try! Maybe you love it- or you hate it!

Mac Baren - HH Latakia Flake 1.75oz
Very Complex, very unique
First of all i have to admit that I'm not a big fan of Latakia in Flakes. But this Flake is a big exception! Mostly Latakia Flakes are not well married and matured, and you taste the Virginia besides the Latakia. Not so this Tobacco. Hot pressing is making it very homogeneously, yet very complex with hints of sweetnes, spicyness, and a little bit nutty. To be honest, this Tobacco reminds me closely Esoterica Panzance, but with a little bit more Latakia here. Compared with this Tobacco HH Latakia Flake is far better, and very much easier to get. It has a very easy burning, and packing is possible in any kind. It always burns well. It is a medium strengh Flake without any bite or harshness. Very Smooth and round. Virginia Flake lovers will have much fun with it, as well as the english blend smoker. New Pipesmokers will like it, but experienced will love it! This is the 3rd Tin i'm smoking, and i will buy more. This Flake has the potencial to be legendary!

McClelland - 2020 - Matured Cake Mixture
Well composed, well matured
First of all i have to mention, that the Tobacco is a bit too moist straight from the pouch. It has the characteristical vinegar- smell, but not too much, and i like it a lot. The Flake is not that much brocken, most pieces are still intact.I would recommend to rub it a bit more. You smell mostly Virginias, but as well Orientals, and somewhere in the background Latakia. That impression reflects when you light the Pipe (not that easy), the Latakia is well combined, not to prominent in the background. The Taste reminds me somehow Esoterica Penzance, and a bit like MB HH Latakia Flake (but here with far less Latakia). Once well lightend, it burns well, and the character develops a bit stronger when you reach half of the bowl. Very interesting, complex Tobacco for a Flake Lover of every Kind. Not for the one looking for a heavy Latakia Dose. It is very well composed and leaves a vital and intersting aftertaste. Will buy it again for shure!

McClelland - 2030 - No. 1 Grade Balkan
One of the best Balkans on the Market
Unluckyly I've ordered just 2 ounces, which i very much regret now. I should have baught more! It is a little bit hard for me to describe Latakia Blends. All i can say is that it is a very round, smooth, not to heavy- but heavy enough balkan- That really got everything you need. Reminds me somehow SG Squadron Leader. Very satisfying and a recommendtation for the experienced as well as the new pipesmoker. Perfect Allrounder!

Cornell & Diehl - Autumn Evening
Nice, typical american aromatic
The tobacco has a great pouch aroma, someting in between maple, applepie and cinnamon. Good moistured it is easy to pack. The aroma is clearly tasteable with the first puffs, but maple dominates. At the half bowl a typical C&D robustness accompanies. The Virginia comes more through, and it gains a natural taste of the tobacco. It burns very,very well but quite fast. For a europan tongue the strengh is medium, which is quite unusal compared with a blend from danish production. It leaves just very bright ash. Room note is very nice. I recommend it very much for Virginia Flake loves, that sometimes look for something sweeter. I will buy it again!

Cornell & Diehl
Plantation Evening

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