Andrew C.
About Me:
Pipe Smoker, Collector and occasional restorer of estate Pipes as well as Artist and Black Cat Connoisseur.

Pipe Tools & Supplies - Blitz Pipe Cleaners (80 pack)
Sturdy and dependable
I just started using these and can already tell they will become my go to cleaners. They are sturdy and meet a wide array of needs. I’m going to be sure to have a few of these on every order.

Pipe Tools & Supplies - B. J. Long 9 Inch Pipe Cleaners (32 pack)
Perfect for the longer pipes
I always make sure to have some of these around. They are of reliable quality and much easier to use on my longer pipes.

Sutliff - TS-20 Louisiana Perique
Tried it Neat
I admit I was hesitant. And after sniffing the bag note, and getting a snout full of mustiness, I was still fearful. But I went ahead anyway. I loaded my clay and lit. It was not as strong in flavor as I had anticipated (perhaps due to hype). The flavor was there, but it was not painfully spicy or overtly fruity. It was actually a pretty nice smoke. A little moist out of the bag, but no issue lighting. The vitamin N came around mid-bowl and I took a break. I was assured that the room note was not the best. I will try it again on its own and certainly will enjoy adding it to other blends to see how it changes or enhances them.

Pipe Tools & Supplies - Low Country Reamer
Before writing a review I had to buy a spare, just in case these disappear too quickly. Having used quite a few different reamers, this one gives me the best results. Precise. Gets int the toughest spots. Cuts through the hardest cake with ease. I won’t use other reaming tools on my collection or estate finds again.

Pipe Tools & Supplies - Obsidian Pipe Stem Oil 15ml
I use it regularly
Love the shine it leaves, and with regular maintenance it certainly prevents the oxidation from returning to my estates.

Pipe Tools & Supplies - 8deco Club Tamper Pink and Black Swirl
Great Value
Great tamper. Love that the air can circulate while using. The color palette is fun too. I can always see it from a distance. Recommended.

Pipe Tools & Supplies - Pipe Nail
I lose stuff on occasion, but with these, I can get a handful and keep them all over the place. I don’t have to worry about leaving them outside or in my pocket when my pants go through the wash. I like that I don’t have to worry. It tamps, it cleans out dottle, and there are no sharp edges to hurt the chamber of my Pipes. What more does one need from a tamper?

Pipe Tools & Supplies - B. J. Long Regular Pipe Cleaners (100 pack)
Work Well
These are my go to. I have a supply on hand for all occasions. They do what they are supposed to do and fit in all of my pipes, so I am happy.

Cigar Accessories - Boveda 60g Humidity Control Packet-72%
I love the Boveda packs. I have been using them as my exclusive humidity control for 2 years now. I wasn’t sure how accurate they would be, but in my nicely sealed humidors they keep the humidity perfect. I think I need to switch to 69%, but that is only because they work better than I had anticipated. They also work much longer than stated if you have a well sealed unit.

G. L. Pease
Regents Flake 2oz

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Samuel Gawith
1792 Flake 50g

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Irish Flake 50g

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221-B Series: Black Shag 50g

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221-B Series: Arcadia 50g

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