About Me:
Aircraft Engineer by trade, but I like to tinker with stuff and smoke pipes and cigars.

Sutliff - Tobacco Galleria: Fox & Hound
Neither Here Nor There
This tobacco is a little bit hard to put one's finger on. It is almost so mild as to not be able to bear the name of an "English" blend. It is noticeably moist upon opening, yet lights with little fuss and burns well enough, biting little. The pouch note is fruity-sweet and almost aromatic - I was confused initially thinking I had been sent the wrong blend! The smoke is smooth but lacks substance and character. There is small flirts of its components peeking through from time to time - slight sweet and spicy notes, but not enough to remain interesting. The latakia struggles to make itself known. Aftertaste is slightly metallic and not the greatest. Two and a half stars for being easy to smoke and not offensive, but gains no more due to its flat and fairly bland nature.

Dunhill - Early Morning Pipe
Beautifully balanced
EMP can be no better described than "balanced." A blend that packs and lights without fuss. It burns easily with a subtle, balanced profile showing a hint of almost citrus sweetness among the gentle orientals. A blend deserving of all the praise which comes its way; an excellent all day smoke.

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