Jeff O.

Gawith Hoggarth & Co. - Cherry Cream Flake
For seasoned palates
I first tried this tobacco when I was novice pipe smoker and had no palate. I couldn't even figure out why this had the word cherry in its name. Three years later (today), I tried it again, and though I'm still far from an expert, I've built up a palate, and I find this blend to be delightful. I really didn't smell anything like cherries when I opened the bag, but its flavor is great. It's not like any other cherry blend I've smoked. The flavor isn't candyish. The cherry is subtle and more real tasting. I'd say this is an aromatic for people don't typically smoke aromatics. I'm having trouble keeping it lit, but I believe that's just because it needs a little dry time.

Drew Estate - Gatsby Luxury Flake 50g
Simply Pleasant
I'm relatively new to pipe smoking, about three years and change. In the last year my palate has gotten bored of the flavored tobaccos I started out with: cherry, vanilla, etc., and started looking for more flavor in the tobacco itself. This has quickly become my new favorite. My palate is not sophisticated enough to describe it with terms like "notes", but I can simply say that this is a sweet and mild smoke and goes great with a bourbon.

VBC - Vanilla Black Cavendish

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