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New to pipes as of a year ago. I've smoked cigars off and on for years, but my mind has always gone back to that day in 11th grade when someone left their pipe tobacco at the country club I worked at. I turned it into the manager and when no one claimed it after 30 days, I asked if I could have it. My mind was fixed on the pipe I knew dad had stashed in his end table. My best friend and I had no idea what we were doing when, while we walked the train tracks, and packed the pipe. I vividly remember the dusty taste (dad was not a pipe smoker but wanted to be a long time ago) and the tongue bite. But the smell of the smoke drew me in. Jump ahead 25 year and I have finally picked up pipe smoking as a hobby. I don't like cigarettes and cigars make me a little jittery. But a good pipe... ahhhhh. I can sink into a chair and my mind actually "sighs". I have a house pipe from the local tobacconist as well as a Savinelli that I rotate between. My taste is expanding and I feel as though there is an entire world to be discovered.

Stands & Pouches - Erik Stokkebye 4th Generation Roll Up Hunter Brown
Simple tobacco roll
I've been using this roll for almost 3 years. It has held up very well (I don't go easy on it), no cracks in the rubber lining and the leather is aging well. For me it holds a nice amount of tobacco; I smoke a couple bowls a day and can put enough in here to get me through 3 days. Obviously, you don't want to store your tobacco in here as it will dry out, but that actually does take longer than I thought. Overall, great roll for shoving in your pocket or bag, due to the low cost you don't have to worry about it getting beat on. It can be a bit fiddly as it takes a bit to break in as such for a while it tries to fold itself closed while your digging in there to pack your pipe. But not a big deal overall. I would rate it a bit higher if it unfolded to a square bottom. But again, not a big deal for me.

Dunhill - Nightcap 50g
Gadzooks it's good!
I'm not very good at identifying flavors profiles, so bear with me. This is strong but not harsh at all. Very smooth, hint of sweet, but smoky and very satisfying. Burns very well, not dry or wet from the tin. It smells amazing and tastes very good as well. It jumped to my #1 immediately. Note though it has a decent kick to it. Smoke it low and slow! Could not recommend more.

Three Nuns - Three Nuns 1.75oz
An easy light English
I am relatively new to pipe smoking, but my palate has been expanding over these past few years. I just received this and have smoked it for the first time. It's light, sweet and fruity with a little spice/pepper to it. I see all these posts about it not being like the original mix, would have loved to tried the version the C.S. Lewis used to smoke and wonder how different it really is. Regardless, it's an easy, everyday smoke and is at the top of my rotation. Very enjoyable.

Peterson - Irish Dew 40g
Growing on me
I was not impressed with my first smoke of the Irish Dew at all. So much so, I showed it to the back and rather forgot about it. However, when my new Peterson Tankard arrived I felt compelled to have the Irish Dew be the first smoke through. This time I took the time to rub out the ribbons thoroughly first. What a difference this made! All the layers of sweetness, fruit, vanilla and chocolate popped right out. I'd agree with Edward above; an aro for the non-aro smoker. This has become a regular now in my rotation.

McClelland - Craftsbury: Frog Morton 100g
I'm still a pipe & tobacco novice (2 years under my belt) and my tastes are expanding. Frog Morton was OUTSTANDING from the moment I cracked the tin open. Sampled it for the first time with 2 other close friends and our responses were identical: wide eyed astonishment at how good it smelled, packed, smoked and tasted. Easily my favorite. Cheers to McClelland on the Frog!

Dunhill - Ready Rubbed 50g
First Dunhill... it's growing on me
I am pretty new to pipe smoking, but have fallen in love. Over the past year I've pretty much spent my time at my local tobacconist here in SE Wisconsin and have been expanding my palate (so take review w/a grain of salt). This is my first purchase of Dunhill and had no idea what to expect. While I can't say I particularly enjoyed my first bowl, my second one (3 days later), was much more satisfying. I'm very pleased with the sweet, smooth aftertaste. And the nicotine kick I received was larger than any other I've smoked thus far. It went right to my legs, ha! Overall it is smooth and burns well. I'd agree with the previous review that puffing to hard brings out the ashy taste. Looking forward to how the tobacco and I change as we age.

Peter Stokkebye
PS17 English Luxury

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    4-Pipe Barling Set From 1898
  • ► Love, love, love personal history like this! When we are able to tie in actual personalities, their beloved personal belongings to actual events is just tremendous! Thank you for posting and thanks to Ed for the more detailed history. Cheers
    Before and After
  • ► Gary, I can't speak to a restoration situation, but personally, I've found that good ol' spit on a paper towel has done wonders on my pipes in regard to keeping the rim clean (you probably already know this, but throwing it out there anyway!). Just last week, as a matter of fact, I took one of my long neglected pipe (my very first one actually) and spent about 15 min just getting a paper towel moist and rubbing the gunk off of the rim. I was shocked how much had built up and how good it looked when I was done. I'm very careful when I light to keep the flame of the pipe rim itself, so this was just buildup and as this was my very first pipe ever, it tends to get a little neglected and beat-up.
    Tasting Notes: BriarWorks Tobaccos
  • ► Agreed whole heartedly with your tasting observations. I received Pete's Beard and Down South as stocking stuffers this past Christmas and am a huge fan. I'm more of an English blend smoker and Pete's Beard is fantastic. It's turned out to be my "go to" lately. I'll be picking up more to cellar as I'm def going to burn through this jar quickly! Well done Briar Works! And thanks Shane for a great posting.