Mac Baren - Navy Flake 3.5oz
Very nice
Very nice. Moisture level is just right straight out of the tin. Packs and smokes well. First impression was typical VA fake which I enjoy. As I got about about a third of the way into the bowl the hints of natural honey sweetness came out. The Cav and burley gave the smoke some good body.The more I smoked the more I enjoyed it. Definitely an all day smoke. I will be getting more.

Tampers & Tools - Neerup Turquoise & Grey Slim Tamper
favorite tamper. looks and feels great.

Peterson - 3 P's Peterson's Perfect Plug 50g
Great for a change of pace smoke. I thoroughly enjoyed this blend. I just happen to have a antique tobacco cutter, still works great.

Mac Baren - Club Blend 3.5oz
very nice
This is the first Mac Baren blend I have tried. I typically smoke a lot of Va/Per and straight Va. I enjoyed the flavor very much. The best way I can describe it is to take the best qualitys from three nun and golden sliced. I know the description says aromatic but I would not put this tobacco it that category. I will be ordering more to cellar.

Dobie's Four Square - Circles 1.75oz
very good
If you like Escudo or Navy Rolls this is worth a try. I enjoy a good Va/Per and was curious about the cav in this and it is a nice touch.

Seattle Pipe Club - Mississippi River 2oz
pleasantly surprised!
I tried this blend for the first time last night. I have had the tin for about a month kinda forgot about it. I have been smoking a lot of straight virginias(dunhill flake and Golden sliced)recently. I wanted to smoke something with a little more "something" and grabbed this tin from the back of the cabinet. It really hit the spot. It is not to heavy on the perique or latakia but you know it is there. This would be a great blend for someone who is want to easy in to an English.

Orlik - Golden Sliced 50g
great all day smoke
Great all day smoke! Va sweet with just enough spice to keep you interested. If Navy Rolls is a little to much try this.

Two Friends - Celtic Mist 2oz
really enjoyed!!
I am not a huge aromatic fan, but this was very good. This is one of the few aromatics that tastes just as good as it smells. The flavoring is definitely there but not overwhelming.

Home Fragrance - Smoke Odor Exterminator Candle Clothesline Fresh 13oz
so so
The candle smells great. However I am not sure how much better it is than a regular candle.

Golden Sliced 50g

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Cabbie's Mixture 50g

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