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Iwan Ries - Three Star Blue 7oz
Not my cup of tea
If you're going to review something, refrain from saying "well if you're a real pipe smoker, you'll like this". No, this hobby is all about enjoyment. If you want to buy a ton of pipes, and grumble over the nuances of this blend vs that blend,'re a pipe smoker. It's your hobby. If you want to smoke one blend in one pipe for your entire life because its the one you like? Go for it. You're a pipe smoker. Enjoy your hobby. Don't dig at someone else because they don't like what you like. All that being said, my review. Smells very strongly of an off-putting sweetness with an aromatic quality I can't place...maybe some kind of liqueur? Bitey off first light. I gave it an extra star because it packed well and burned well. Had a few relights, but nice white flaky ash after I was done. Anyway, I like an aromatic that I can identify and wrap my head around. This I could not and probably never will. If you like a straightforward flavor in your tobacco, stay far away from this. It's just confusing.

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