Bradley B.

Herrera Esteli - Miami Short Corona Gorda
Burned hot and uneven
The H.E. miami burned hot and uneven giving a harsh acrid smoke. Required a lot of torch tending and had a tight draw. If you want to try the blend I'd recommend a different size since I haven't tried em all.

Avo - Syncro South America RITMO Robusto
Smooth flavor, great draw
The AVO ritmo is a great cigar, smooth creamy smoke, not too strong but lots of flavor. only complaint is the wrapper is a little delicate so be careful when cutting or removing the band.

Peterson - Hyde Park 50g
Rich and dark
Delicious dark rich flavor with sweet maple and rum notes. Mild spice notes. Can be strong on nicotine.

Samuel Gawith - Grousemoor 50g
Sweet but hot
Has a lovely floral flavor, smooth Virginia flavor full of grassy hay notes. Tends to burn hot and requires lots of relights until it's had a bit to air out. perfect during hot summer months.

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