Shane W.

Samuel Gawith - Squadron Leader 50g
Just what it says it is
Excellent English blend that is not overly strong like Nightcap but still has a distinct flavor. Would be a nice intro to English blends. For me it is a great all day smoke with good flavor and extremely high quality tobacco. Made using the original 1792 equipment at the same old factory. I can respect Samuel Gawith for maintaining this old school manufacturing process. Did I mention how cool the name and tin art for this blend are?

Mac Baren - Vanilla Cream 3.5oz
Quality Smoke, Mild Vanilla
I had very high hopes when I cracked the lid on this tin. The tin note was overwhelmingly powerful. A nice delicious vanilla creamy cupcake smell that even Boswell would have trouble competing with. Those hopes faded a bit when I lit a bowl up. Although not as much sweet or vanilla taste as I had hoped for, if you sip it slowly and slightly breathe through your nose you will get a little sweet vanilla fairly often. Drying for about 30 minutes prior to smoking and packing it a bit lighter than normal helps as well. Pack too tight it gets wet and hot. The room note is fantastic. My wife, who hates all my tobacco except for a couple Boswell brands like raspberry cream or berry cobbler says this one actually smells terrific and I'll have to give it that. It makes your house smell like a cake shop. Absolutely amazing. The tobacco quality in this is excellent. Far and above any overcased drug store brand you will ever smoke, just not as sweet or cakey as you expect from the tin note. I’m hoping this will satisfy my sweet craving when I want to smoke something other than Nightcap or Sqaudron Leader. This will likely become a tobacco that I stock up 5-8 tins of as it does make for a nice smoke.

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