Yusuf B.

Sutliff - Creme Brulee
hookah smoking caterpillar
WOW... just WOW... this guy here made out of black cav some burley and virginia certainly has a taste of bakery shops. now if you are a guy who doesnt like aromatics just stay out because this is a highly cased highly moist tobacco. it will ghost your pipe. but damn is it worth your pipe. i have 2 pipes dedicated to this blend sometimes i smoke fruity aromatics with them because it mixes so well. this has real low nicotine i believe and also real low taste of tobacco in it. just the desert that doesnt make you fat.

Mac Baren - Vanilla Cream 3.5oz
smoke it slow
this blend has an awesome taste. its smell is vanilla all over and its taste is also vanilla all over. but this is an aromatic so you should smoke it slower than non aromatics

McClelland - 700 - Baklava
subtle mild hazelnut
this tobacco has the mildest of tastes. it stays lit good and the aroma does show itself. taste of tobacco is almost none wich i like when i smoke aromatics but some people dont.

Creme Brulee

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