Sherman L.

Pipe Accessories - Woodmere 2 Pipe Stand Teak
AStunning Pipe Stand
This 2-pipe stand will accommodate, of course, a wide variety of pipe styles. I have a Savinelli Autograph with a tall bowl. This style pipe stand really highlights the tall bowl or chimney pipe. Just beautiful! Sherman in Baltimore

Castello - Sea Rock 2oz
Simply Delicious!
I recently purchased a Castello Sea Rock (G)(Estate: Unsmoked). I decided to include a tin of Castello Sea Rock tobacco. What a dynamic combination although I'm sure this delicious tobacco would enhance any pipe! As soon as I opened the tin, an aroma of chocolate-mocha permeated the room. Simply delicious! Smooth and medium-full; not-too-moist and not-too-dry. And if you add a cup of freshly-brewed dunkin donuts coffee, how can you go wrong!?

Cornell & Diehl - Don Carlos 2oz
A Real Winner!
I recently acquired a Don Carlos Estate (unsmoked) pipe. Based on the insignia on the shank, the pipe was likely made between 1986-1999. So I decided to add a tin of Cornell & Diehl's Don Carlos to my "new" pipe. What a delightfully mild and pleasant-tasting smoke! I also added a cup of freshly-brewed coffee to round out my smoking session. Awesome! But don't take my word for it. Try a bowlful of this excellent tobacco for yourself!

Ashton - Artisan's Blend 50g
When I purchased my Ashton pipe, I decided to try Ashton's "Artisan's Blend." What a winning combination! But then again, this smooth, fine-tasting tobacco will grace the chamber of any pipe! Give it a try!

Dunhill - Durbar 50g
I have already tried the Dunhill Appertif, Early Morning Pipe, Elizabethan Mixture, and Dunhill Flake. Here's another all-star! What an awesome tobacco! Mild-medium bodied; smooth and delightful: A tobacco you can enjoy with any pipe.

McConnell - Black & Gold 50g
I smoke at Fader's in Baltimore everyday. One of my smoking buddies recommended this tobacco. What an outstanding tobacco! Mild-medium bodied; smooth and delightful: A tobacco that goes well with any pipe.

Mac Baren - 7 Seas Gold 3.5oz
Mac Baren the Winner!
Mac Baren 7 Seas Gold Blend is the third Mac Baren I've smoked. I began with Mac Baren Symphony and loved it; tried Mac Baren Plumcake and loved it as well; and now, I've scored a home run with the 7 Seas Gold Blend. The taste is medium-mild, the aroma is great and, this tobacco, like the two others, goes well with different pipes (e.g., Castello, Ferndown, L'Anatra, etc.). Sherman in Baltimore

Wessex - Brigade Classic Virginia 50g
One of the Best!
A delightful-tasting, medium-full, "Virginia leaf with spicy Louisiana Perique." I've already received several compliments from my smoking buddies about the aroma and numerous requests to sample this exquisite tobacco. Sherman in Baltimore

Larsen - Signature: Vintage Mixture 100g
I decided to try a Larsen tobacco for the first time. What a delightful taste and aroma! I have smoked the Larsen Signature with different pipes (Ardor, Dunhill, Rinaldo, etc.) and each smoke was outstanding! Sherman in Baltimore

Sahara Bent Dublin (YYY) (Titania)

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