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Liga Privada - #9 Robusto
Great experience
First of all, the primary taste does not taste as strong as the color it is. Very gentle, just like a heavy kiss of a beautiful girl. I can only pick up one shortcoming which the ash is not quite tight.

My Father - Le Bijou 1922 Petit Robusto
Worthy of the fame
I don't have too much experience of trying non Cuba cigar before, but this one impressed me very much. The first taste is definitely as strong as the color of the wrapper, but changeable and plenty of gradation comes out right now. Although it's not quite a long size, you can still enjoy a long time. By the way, it really likes father, serious, critical but full of love. I'm more than satisfied with this Petit Robusto.

Tsuge - Winter's Embrace 50g
A litte bit disappointed
Frankly, the tin package is more better than the taste.