Mark M.

Sutliff - B27 - Smooth Black & Golden Cavendish
Nice, smooth and even. A pure delight.
Love this blend. The flavor lasted the entire bowl. Aroma wasn't heavy or sweet. Will make a nice everyday smoke. No fancy name or flavors. Good tobacco with enough flavor to enjoy. Will be keeping this on hand for when I want a carefree relaxing smoke with no complications.

Sutliff - 504C Aromatic English
More aromatic less English
This is not bad but needs more aromatic to balance the Latakia for me. I want just enough to be like salt on fries. Where it compliments the flavor. Not like ketchup that covers it up. Will add a little aromatic and try again.

Sutliff - 206 Honey
Skip it!
Once lit basically you have no flavor at all! Smoked one bowl and gave the rest away. Once lit the flavor disappears.

Sutliff - 150 Mark Twain
Need more time with this one.
Love the aroma unlit. Burns to a fine dry powder. Not harsh or hit burning. Not as much flavor as aroma. Might be able to tone down a sweet blend with it? Want to smoke a few more bowls before I pass judgement.

Sutliff - Blacksburg
Beats no tobacco
No tongue bite. No relights. No flavor. Just buy a plain black Cavendish. This is not BCA, Aged Maduro Cavendish or Super Value Black Cavendish. You'll have to mix it with something else to use it. There's no flavor at all. Bought 4 ounces now I'm stuck trying to figure out what to do with the 3 1/2 I have left.

Sutliff - Aged Maduro Cavendish
Worth searching for.
If you are looking for a nice gentle, unobtrusive tobacco that is gentle on the tongue and the nose try this. I bought some two years ago to try. I have been searching since then to find this to buy in bulk since. I bought two pounds and will buy at least one more just after the first of the month. The only reason I gave it four stars rather than five is not because of the tobacco itself but rather because it is so hard to find anywhere. Is it BCA? No it is not. It is every bit as good. Just has a different flavor and cut. Not as sweet or fine cut. It has a rich chocolate-vanilla aroma that lingers on the tongue as you smoke. I don't think you could get this to bite if you lit it with a blow torch. To mellow a blend that burns hot or tastes strong this will work perfectly. If a tobacco burns fast this will slow it down. By itself you can sit and enjoy this for a long relaxing smoke while watching the sunset or spending the evening talking with friends. Over coffee as a dessert tobacco this will work as well. Do I love this tobacco? Most definitely I do. As I love it so much let me tell you about the service I received by Smoking Pipes to get this. They went to the manufacturer to get this for me. They had to order it and wait for Mac Baren who owns the Sutliff brands to send it to them. They never even flinched. They got it ordered and on the way. Customer service made sure I got the tobacco I was looking for without hesitation. The customer service alone is reason enough to order from this company. Once you try this tobacco you will have reason enough to order again from them in the future.

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