Bernie N.

Mixture No. 79 - Mixture No. 79 1.5oz
This is maybe my favorite, number 1. Like others advise, it’s best when sipped slowly in order to bring out all the tastes. I like the licorice taste, it’s not cheap or overpowering, it’s simply a good taste.

Peterson - Old Dublin 50g
Dublin days are here
Very enjoyable mild English blend. Has that Latakia smokiness. No burn, no bite. Not the richest in depth or flavor but enjoyable for everyday smoke.

Dan Tobacco - Salty Dogs 50g
New To Plug, found nirvana
I'm new to pipe smoking as well. This is my first plug and I was blown away. I've tried a handful of flakes, English and aromatic, and, so far, nothing else compares to this. I just bought more. It's creamy, mild, a musty flavor, white plumes of billowy smoke. I did not have any bite whatsoever and it was good right to the last drop. It was as close to heaven in a pipe that I have experienced, again, so far. I'm new to this but I would be happy not trying anything else and just smoking this.