Terry W.

Lighters - Kiribi Kenshi Black Matte
Just what I wanted
My first review here and it's on a lighter of all things. This is a nice small lighter that slips easily into a watch pocket on my jeans, yet has a very weighty feel to it (it's heavy). Lights every time with cheap butane. Fills easily and flame height can be adjusted with a fingernail. the only downside I thought it had was the striker wheel seemed stiff but this can be easily adjusted by loosening the flint replacement screw. would buy again but don't think I'll ever need to. Should easily last a lifetime or two. One year update: 11/29/21 The lighter still works as good as when it was new. The finish has worn around the edges showing it's age but so have I. Runs a full week between fills at three or four bowls a day. With the cost of a Bic doing the same it's more than paid for its self in a year.

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