Jamie P.

Stands & Pouches - Chrome Pipe Rest
Listen I'll admit the stand is what it is, a stand. Yes it's rugged and looks great, but it has one extremely major flaw. This pipe stand has the sharpest edges I have ever seen outside of a Gillette razor factory. I don't know about you, but I spend a respectable amount of money on pipes and expect to have them for generations. With that long life of each pipe, I expect them to have very little to no character markings/ or scratches. If you expect the same don't buy this pipe stand you will nick and scratch your pipe just placing it into the cradle of the stand. Now, it's possible I got a dud. You know, one of those it's Friday 5:00pm and I got the inlaws coming over for the weekend kind of duds. So I'll just say that you could do better for cheaper with the plastic versions. But you have to find out for yourselves.

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