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Oz. Pipe Smoker

G. L. Pease - Gaslight 2oz
Quality Time
This is like smoking my garge floor. I have classic motorcycles, classic cars and classic tools. Every single puffiest reminds mess of why I should not sell any of them! This is great tobacco.

G. L. Pease - Gaslight 8oz
A Time and Place
A dockside warehouse. A misty evening with a faint hint of tar and cordage. The bails have been there for a while, a long while and have melded perfectly. What more could a gentleman want on a late Kensington evening aft a port, or two. A very solid solid blend.

Lane Limited - 1-Q
Aged Aro's
Guys I'm digging through my jared library of ex-tin, then tobacco and stumbled across some 1-Q with 4 years on it. Aerobic storage, yeah, but limited O2 exposure, definitely. This is fantastic stuff. I've got a couple of other blends 'brewing' of a similar original nature/topping. I hope the years have treated these as well. Don't let anyone say an aro does not age well. I will call them out anytime!

Wessex - Brown Virginia Flake 50g
10 Years LaTER
Well, Shane and Jerry Wax lyrical as you will. I have tried this for the first time today. One of the best flakes I have encountered in the 20 years of pipes I have under the belt. Quite honestly one of the best example of good earth Virginias I have ever experienced. No highs or lows, but a fantastic setting of the benchmark. Bready, smooth and a good bit of flavour. This life in a Virginia. Get it while you can Cheers

Peterson - Hyde Park 50g
Not What You May Expect !
To describe this in any terms as an ' English" may serve to confuse many. If I were to advance a comment on basic blend profile I would describe this as a well matured Virginia. Tin note presents the classic 'Ketchup' notes and visually it is the red and bright staple of many classic blends. Quality tobaccos to say the least. Then we hit the marks that make it 'Hyde Park". Some say 'Lakeland', I say a mix of perfectly matured sweet Virginias and a little help to compliment the tobaccos. A little sweet syrup to push it through and a floral dimension to add interest. If you are a Virginia fan try it for the quality tobaccos. If you're a lakeland fan, try it for the subtle essence. Either way it's a fine product, and much unappreciated. Cheers

Castello - Sea Rock 8oz
I too am a Non-secular smoker. And have a number of great aged, and not so aged tobaccos in my stash. This blend has been a revelation. An aro/blend that has become my 'every occasion' smoke. It satisfies, it is appreciated by all and is neither sweet nor tobacco'y. A fantastic every day/every occasion smoke. I wish I had 10kg! I'm working on it!

Castello - Sea Rock 8oz
One ton Try
I'm what a Non-secular smoker. I smoke what I like and don't mind expressing my opinion as I see it.This is a good aro. Probably in my top 5 as it has some fine base tobaccos and delivers a good amount of topping flavour without being overwhelming. Her indoors is pleased wth the room note, which is a bonus. I'll get more of this for sure. I give it 5 cause it please me!

McClelland - 710 - Colombian Mocha
Falls a bit short
As others have said the bag nose promises big things but the delivery is lacking. Smooth, good base tobaccos but flavour is not there.

Dan Tobacco - Buddies 100g
Maybe, Maybe Not!
This is not for everyone who digs an aromatic. Me, I love it! You want flavour that somewhat stands out in front of the tobacco then this is for you. Get used to the full on citrus, and I don't mean lemon, flavour and it is a pleasure to smoke. Don't let others poor scorn on your enjoyment and get envious of the looks the babes give you at the bar?