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Cornell & Diehl - Barrister 2oz
Barrister First time
First time Smoking Barrister, Not as complex as the tin notes. The Latakia for me, played in the background, The burleys and Perique took most of the front, with the Virginia's coming in and out with a nice grassy over lay. It does have musty leather taste with hints of earth and nut from the Burley. The Perique adds some nice peppery spice through out the bowl. The Nic hit I would say to be Middle Isn't really to noticeable until Mid bowl. It was a nice smoke, but I wouldn't go for this one if you have a sweet tooth.

G. L. Pease - Maltese Falcon 2oz
Some aging helped
when I first opened this tin, my first thought classic Latakia, English. I got the nice smokiness, The Orientals in the back with a nice sweetness. but I found it not really that interesting to smoke for a period of time, so I put it on the shelve and just now came back to it. Now that it has sat, for a few months I find it a lot more pleasing of a smoke and somewhat a mystery. The Latakia, is still forefront, followed by the Orientals, A light coffee bean taste in the back ground I am guessing from the Turkish, and some other taste I cant really put a finger on, other than to say it reminds me of cinnamon.. Very much more interesting now that it has sat some. Starting to really enjoy the smoke. 2nd bowl out of the tin, aged 3 months. Pipe smoked, G.G Poker Tin moisture, Good, no drying time Purchased from SmokingPipes

Peter Heinrichs - Dark Strong Flake 200g
So Nice.
Opened the tin today, Smoking in my MM COB.Very sweet creamy smoke. I have not gotten any real spice, but I love the nice dark rich smoke. the Tin note was that of sweet molasses and woody over tone. After half the bowl it is still very sweet and rich. I am really liking this a lot. I will be ordering more in the future.

G. L. Pease - Gaslight 2oz
I loved this blend. While smoking it I was took away into the land of Sweet smokey eves, Nice rich, creamy ingots. Burns cool in my Big Ben, nice even bowl all the way to the bottom. I did feel it needed concentration to really get into it, but once there it was a very dreamy smoke. I will order more for the Cellar. Very nice.

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