Thomas E.

Dan Tobacco - Devil's Holiday 50g
Love the song, not so much the tobacco
What exactly are "wild forrest berries"? Devil's Holiday is unlike any berry tobacco I've previously had. I suspect there is some lingonberry involved --- Not my favorite berry flavor. The fruit aroma is very strong and to me it overpowers the tobacco taste. However, Devil's Holiday is one of those rare aromatics that tastes like it smells, and the taste lingers well after the smoke is over. I just wish I liked that taste a little more. The flecks of golden Virginia in a predominantly black Cavendish blend give it a visual appeal. The tobacco in my tin was very moist, but I found it air dries quickly before packing the pipe. It burns cool and tongue bite is not an issue. Relights may be needed, but it burns to that idyllic gray ash, leaving very little dottle. The tobacco itself is of high quality, free of stems or woody pieces. Its rich aroma will ghost a pipe.

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