An Introduction to Cellaring Pipe Tobacco
  • ► "A package of Mason jars comes from the factory ready to use right out of the box. There's no need to scrub or attempt to sterilize brand-new jars." That is great news. I'm new to pipe smoking and when I finally settle on some favorites, I plan on buying in bulk and jarring them up. However, everything I've read so far on cellaring tobacco indicates that the jars must be at least washed to clear off any factory residue, or at most sterilized to prepare a clean environment (free of mold spores, etc) for the tobacco to reside for the next 5-30 years. I would love to be able to skip this step; so, I'm wondering if the "no wash" method has been tested...
  • ► Shane, thanks for the response. That puts me at ease. However, I do wonder why everybody -- from Ball to the USDA -- instructs canners to wash all jars before use. But if none of the folks at wash new jars, then I don't suppose I should be worrying about it!