About Me:
I tried pipes years ago, but just recently started taking the hobby seriously. I really enjoy it! Happy to call myself a pipe smoker!

Wessex - Burley Slice 50g
Pretty good, but...
This is a pretty good Burley flake, but Solani Aged Burley Flake is better!

Solani - Aged Burley Flake - 656 50g
Good stuff...with a kick!
I have recently become a fan of Burley. So I gave this blend a try and I'm glad I did! Good stuff! Nice flavor and it has a nicotine kick to it. I think this stuff has the most nic of any blend I've smoothed so far. Probably shouldn't smoke it on an empty stomach. This flake is similar to Wessex Burley Slice, but it's better!

CAO - Eileen's Dream 50g
Good stuff!
I like it! Has a nice chocolaty Irish cream aroma with a nice taste. No tongue bite and very smooth.

Dunhill - Royal Yacht 50g
It's okay...
Not bad for an English blend. I'm mostly an aromatic smoker, but this was okay for a non-aromatic. English blends are strong to me, but this is one of the more mellow ones. I got a little tongue bite with it.

Mac Baren - Vanilla Cream 3.5oz
Not bad...
As far as vanilla blends go this one is not bad. Nice vanilla tin note. The aroma and flavor are pretty good. Minor to no tongue bite.

Mac Baren - 7 Seas Black 3.5oz
Dark and sweet!
I mostly smoke aromatics, especially dark ones, and 7 Seas Black does not disappoint! Fantastic aroma! Smokes smooth with no tongue bite. One of my new favorites!

Lane Limited - LL-7
This is a great blend! Smells very nice and smokes smoothly. Stays lit well too! Very minor to no tongue bite. I recommend this one!

Lane Limited - BCA
Awesome stuff!
Great stuff! Great aroma and taste! Love it! It's almost exactly like Captain Black Dark. I think they're made by the same company.

Peterson - Sherlock Holmes 50g
It's okay...
Nice aroma in the tin. Not too bad on the taste buds. Some tongue bite. I have gotten some tongue bite from all the Peterson blends I've tried which is too bad. I think they are better at making pipes than tobacco.

Lane Limited - 1-Q
Great stuff! The first Lane I've tried. Great aroma and burns nice. Now one of my favorites!

Peterson - Sweet Killarney 50g
Not bad. Has a nice caramel aroma and a nice taste. Smokes pretty smooth too, but with a little tongue bite. Maybe I smoked it too fast...

Captain Black - Cherry 1.5oz
Not very cherry...
It's okay for a cherry blend. Let's put it this way, if they stopped making this flavor I wouldn't shed a tear.

Captain Black - Gold 1.5oz
Not bad...
I've tried all the Captain Black blends (except Round Taste) and I would have to say this one is the least aromatic. It smells nice and tastes okay, but Dark and Original are still my favorites.

Captain Black - Original 1.5oz
I'm new to pipe smoking and I thought only the good tobaccos come in tins. Well I was wrong. Captain Black is some of the best pipe tobacco out there! I guess that's why it's the best selling brand in the country. CB original is great! Nice and smooth with very little bite. CB Dark is still my #1 pouch type, but this original is #2.

Mac Baren - HH Mature Virginia 100g
Pleasantly surprised!
When I opened the tin and smelled this tobacco, it made me think of a BBQ. It has a smoky aroma. When I smoked it I was surprised that it was smooth. I don't care much for non-aromatics, but I like this one! It tastes like a fine cigar, but better because it's a pipe!

Peterson - Sunset Breeze 50g
Tongue bite...
I love the amaretto smell when it's in the tin. When I smoked it there was a nice aroma, but for some reason gave me quite a bit of tongue bite. I then smoked it in a pipe that has a filter which got rid of most of the tongue bite. So I like it in a filtered pipe as opposed to a non-filtered one. Go figure. =)

Sir Walter Raleigh - Aromatic 1.5oz
Pretty good!
For a pouch brand it's pretty good stuff! Smells nice and smokes nice. Good taste too. This one ranks third in my list of favorite pouch brands.

Dunhill - Early Morning Pipe 50g
Surprisingly good
I don't care much for English blends and non-aromatics, but this one is pretty good. Smokes nice and has a nice aroma.

Mac Baren - Mixture Scottish Blend 3.5oz
Good stuff!
I noticed a slight fruity taste and aroma while smoking it. Pretty smooth. Good stuff my friends!

Peterson - University Flake 50g
Not for me...
Tastes like a cigar. Kind of strong to me. If I wanted to smoke a cigar, I would smoke a cigar. I don't want a cigar in my pipe. Lol

Dunhill - Navy Rolls 50g
It's okay...
I thought I was smoking a cigar in my pipe because this tobacco tasted like one. That's not necessarily bad, but I think this one is not quite for me.

McClelland - Premium Aromatic: Captain Cool 50g
Fantastic! Amazing! Cool!
I just tried my first bowl of Captain Cool and I am hooked! It smells like butterscotch and vanilla in the can. It smokes so nice and smooth with very little tongue bite. This is now one of my favorites and will be a regular smoke for me. Captain Cool is......well cool!

Orlik - Golden Sliced 50g
Not bad!
This was the first flake tobacco I have ever smoked. It has a nice fruity aroma. in the can and in the smoke. I will keep smoking this one!

McClelland - Craftsbury: Frog Morton's Cellar 50g
Not for me
This is was my first time trying a Frog Morton blend. It smelled like burnt wood and tasted the same. Not for me. :(

Erinmore - Erinmore Mixture 50g
I like this tobacco. Smells fruity, almost like peaches. Smokes nice and tastes good. Pleasantly surprised!

Captain Black - Dark 1.5oz
Very good!
I have tried several Captain Black tobaccos and this is my favorite! Nice and smooth and smells great!

Peterson - Irish Whiskey 50g
This is the very first tin tobacco I have ever tried. It smells nice and tastes good. A little strong to me, I think because I am fairly new to pipe smoking. I like it though and will keep smoking it!

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