James L.

Dan Tobacco - Bill Bailey's Birthday Blend 50g
Birthday Cake
Another fine Dan Tobacco aromatic. I’m so glad I took a chance on these as a few of them have become regular smokes. As with Black Velvet, I’m not sure I’m picking up the advertised flavor. In this case however, I’m not certain I’ve ever smelled or tasted Blue Curaçao, so perhaps I just don’t recognize it. It might be the power of suggestion in effect, but the aroma I detect is that of plain vanilla birthday cake. This works very well for me. It smells and tastes delicious, unlike plain vanilla birthday cake which often smells fantastic but falls flat when eaten. Blue Curaçao? I guess. Birthday Cake? Without a doubt. *Disclaimer: I’m taking it for granted that the base underlying flavor is Dan’s particularly excellent tobacco. Please don’t misunderstand my review to suggest that smoking this is like a mouthful of birthday cake and nothing else. To my perception that is the dominant flavor but only by a very small margin. This is why I like this so much. Just beneath the topping is a very nice tobacco blend which is has some presence to it. It is substantial to my palate, nothing light or mild about it. Not to say it’s overwhelming in strength I know I’m smoking tobacco when I load up my pipe with this. This has been true with most of the Dan Tobacco aromatics I have smoked. They make really nice stuff all around.

Dan Tobacco - Black Velvet 50g
Another Winner From Dan Tobacco
This features the Dan Tobacco cut that I really appreciate: coarse cuts, ribbon that is not too fine, broken flake bits. I get better burns with tobacco presented in this way. My tin was somewhat dry by what I’ve experienced with others like Blue Note and Bill Bailey’s Birthday blend. Still, not too dry, and ready to smoke right away (though I find all their aromatics to smoke perfect straight from the tin, regardless of moisture). First of all, I’m not picking up the Guinness or the champagne. It’s been a few years since I drank a Guinness but I know the smell and taste very well. I’m not disappointed because what I am smelling is a gentle but present strawberry candy aroma. It has a Dan Tobacco smell, if that makes sense. I like it. Sometimes, I get the latakia upfront for the beginning of the bowl, but just as often I don’t detect it at all. In any case, the strawberry candy flavor is hanging in the background for most of the bowl, mingled with Dan’s excellent tobacco blend. I really have come to appreciate quite a few of Dan Tobacco’s aromatics as exemplary of the style. If you like Blue Note or Bill Bailey’s Birthday Blend, I think you’ll find something to enjoy here.

John Aylesbury - Summerhill 100g
Blue Note
Perhaps a touch lighter on the flavoring, this is Blue Note in a different package and significantly cheaper. Take your pick.

Dan Tobacco - Buddies 100g
This blend is to oranges as Cult Blood Red Moon is to cherries. The other reviewers are not exaggerating; this really does smell and taste incredibly similar to Tang, the powdered "instant" orange flavored beverage. This smokes very well straight from the tin with no bite. I don't smoke this daily, but every few days or so, I get a craving for this. Nothing else like it that I know of.