Cornell & Diehl - New Market
Bader's Briar's BEST Everyday Mixture Choice
I've been enjoying New Market for well over a decade now (closer to TWO decades, in fact!), and it's simply the best everyday-style (day-in, day-out) mixture my briars handle I've ever enjoyed. I DO like C&D's Stratfordshire for my favorite English blend (I strictly stick with milder blends ONLY, so NO perique, please!) as a "change of pace" mixture, and I'm certainly willing to give C&D's Autumn Evening a try this autumn...but the New Market's combo of a light sweetness (a bit like a combo in the naturally "sweet" room note category, of half like something with LOTS of raisins baking in the oven (who doesn't like that?) and half like the aroma of a freshly mown lawn is something I hope to continue enjoying...please get it back in stock, just as soon as you can!

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