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Gawith Hoggarth & Co. - Dark Flake Aromatic
Nice Surprise
Bought this in search of a higher nicotine blend for another upcoming quit cigarettes attempt. 🤣. First thought was ... Licorice ... really.. and a bean.. I was glad I tried it. It's actually verrry nice. Like others have said. Slight floral, you can taste the Licorice, but it's light, and both the those flavors blend great with the overall dark tobacco flavor. It is without a doubt the best tasting dark fired blend I have had to date, and i have tried several including G&H. Very easy on the tongue, hard to keep lit though... I hate that part. I am typing this while I am waiting for it to dry, while this time breaking it up very fine. I hope that helps it stay lit better. My pallet likes both Richly sweet Aros like Lanes BCA and strong tobacco flavors G&H Best brown flake, and cooniston plug that has been extremely aged as example of many. If I can get this to stay lit it will stay as a steady in my rotation. Wonderful change of pace, and a true goto when you want a flavorful true tobacco flavor.

Lane Limited - BCA
Best Black Cav
The Key to BCA is to let it ghost your pipe. The more you smoke it the more the flavor grows. For me it has gone from tasty air to a really great smoke. I have tried about all of the sweetened Black Cavs and to me this is the best. It is also the most unique as it does not have the traditional chocolate flavor that is in most, but to me has the best chocolate like flavor. I have come to smoke this blend the most and also find it awesome when mixed with other tobaccos. For a change I may mix the following 1:Add about 25% of your favorite VA especially some fresh C&D bright va with a citrus flavor. 2: Also wonderful is about 25% of your favorite vanillia ( I use C&D Green River) this is a soupy blend but awesome. 3: Another awesome favorite and addition is about 25% RLP6 from lane limited. 4: Lastly I will add a disk of Lane bullsey to equal about 25%. It seems that adding morethen 20 – 25% of another tobacco takes away from the BCA portion to much atleast to me. I have tried and love about all the tobaccos the pipe world has to offer, but these have grown to be my favorite all day smokes. Also after 30+ years of offending others by cigarettes it is really nice to hear someone say “WOW that smells GOOD” My response is that “It taste good too” ; )

Sutliff - Creme Brulee
A nice Cup, but not Mine
As mentioned by other commentators “cookie” is the word of the day with this smoke. I would add a touch of ginger to that cookie to add to it. I would agree to the quality, aroma and note. Also little if any bite from the partial bowl I smoked. Nice stuff but not my flavor. By its high rank I am sure Sutliff won’t miss me. If however you like the sounds of the flavor you are sure to like it. I give it 4 stars for its quality and such.

Comoy's - Cask No.12 3.5oz
Mr Yuck's in the House
In looking for a desert type smoke to replace McClelland’s Darkest Caramel that I mixed with Smoking Pipes Green River Vanilla, I thought I would give this a try. No vanilla or Caramel here. Just tongue bite. I did give it a star for the tin. As a Carpenter and finisher I am always in need of a cool tin like that to store homemade wax fillers in. ; ) Due to its low ranking it is however just possible it had been on the shelf to long.

Gawith Hoggarth & Co. - Brown Flake Unscented
A good change of pace
I do like this pretty well and find it a good change of pace from my BCA based blends when I want a more tobacco flavored smoke. Although I do not like floral blends this does have a very light floral taste. It also has a nice sweetness and good tobacco flavor. These three flavors bend very well together. As the bowl progresses the Lakeland Essence fades and the sugar flavor gains some strength. I have smoked it in both BCA and My Mixture seasoned pipes with equal enjoyment. It needs to be somewhat sipped to prevent tongue bite, but bites fairly less than straight VA.

Sutliff - 150 Mark Twain
Nice Smoke
A nice blend that reminds me of one of the Lane Limited blends and or Carolina Deluxe. It’s a Mild darkish chocolate flavor, probably including some vanilla, and I think a small touch of a fruity berry like flavor. Its tied together in an unoverpowering blend that does not seem to byte at all. It finishes creamier then it starts. The more I am smoking the 1oz the more I am considering more. I however add that although the name Mark Twain is what caught my attention, I could have sworn he smoked English Blends. … Could be wrong. I however add that although the name Mark Twain is what caught my attention, I could have sworn he smoked English Blends. … Could be wrong.

Gawith Hoggarth & Co. - Rum Flake
really nice smoke to have around.
I don’t smoke this often but when I do I am always glad I did. I tend to not like the “Lakeland Essence” either but in this case the Rum and maple go really well with it. Like written bellow the maple shows more later. This is a really nice smoke to have around. To add bite was very low.

Gawith Hoggarth & Co. - Black & Brown
Nice Smoke
I order this often, and when mixed with other components it is in one of my daily blends. By itself for me it is nice, but lacks a little flavor. I don’t require desert but do like it sweeter, and it is also kinda hot on the tongue. However, mixed 50/50 with BCA and then about 25% Burly ribbon cut is one of my daily smokes most often in my truck. If you prefer less sweet and more tobacco I figure you will find it perfect as is.

Cornell & Diehl - Bright Virginia Ribbon
A True Surprise
This was literally a nice surprise. I had ordered a pound of Burly Ribbon Cut and Got a POUND of this instead. At first this Virginia was awesome with a great natural lemon flavor. As it ages the grassy hay notes seem to be coming more forward. ( About a year now) Although I smoke it often mixed with a touch of burley ribbon cut I have found it even more awesome, especially when in full lemon, mixed with BCA. The latter mix has become one of my daily’s that I keep in a half pint jar in the truck.

Gawith Hoggarth & Co. - North Star
Not Bad
Although all three other reviews are pretty accurate I would give the overall nod to Robert B. Lemmon and walnut. The flavors are light and come out best when lightly sipped. Sipping also required for sake of tongue as it will bite if smoked to hard. Debatable if I would order again, but not sorry for the experience. A fresh mix of C&D Bright VA and their burly ribbon cut, however, would get you the same taste if not a bit stronger on the lemon for less bucks.

Peterson - St. Patrick's Day 2016 50g
Whitman's Sampler
For both note and taste this reminds me of a piece of chocolate from a Whitman's box of candy. In that sense it is very unique from any other aromatic I've smoked. Like most peterson aromatics it smokes a bit hot for me and I tend to mix it 60 40 with burley ribbon cut. I give it 4 stars for taste and uniqueness, but only smoke it every so often.

Samuel Gawith - Black Forest 50g
Needs Hep
At first I thought this was absolutely NASTY. The honey was way to strong. It also smoked WAY to hot. On a whim before chucking it I found a wonderful surprise. I mixed 30% this to a 50 50 mix of BCA and burly ribbon cut. The semisweet and honey made a really nice mix and the BRC kept it cool. I save it for a change of pace smoke but realllly enjoy it. By its self I would give it to Mr Yuck.

Samuel Gawith - Cabbie's Mixture 50g
At first way to Hot 4 Me
I know I smoke to hard, and prefer it that way. As a result this cooks my tongue. It smoked alot cooler with burley ribbon cut. Perique REALLY grew after after aging. This became NOT MY taste after age.

Sutliff - 706 - Tropical Sunset
A Favortie Fruit
Indeed mango / tangerine fruit with a nicely slight tang of sour. It has become my favorite fruit as of this review and a great taste bud alternative. Very little tongue bite, great taste, really nice balance of flavor, and nice room note. Flavor does fade a bit on finish.

McClelland - 2000 - Fragrant Matured Cake
nice but won't buy more.
Nice smoke and cool on the tongue but not something I would keep more then an Oz of on hand. There are just to many other selections of this type I lIke better.

McClelland - 110 - Just Plain Nut
love and hate
Love the flavor hate the bite. Starts off as a very sweet nut but quickly mellows to a great nut flavor. However I needed a fire extinguisher for my tongue. Hands down the hottest thing I have smoked.... so far.

Cornell & Diehl - Burley Ribbon Cut
bite and burn fix
Since i smoke a little to hard I Use this as a mix in almost all aromatics I smoke. Cools the bite with out changing the flavor except it does lighten the flavor if you add to much. it also is great for helping an arro burn better by providing something more combustible in the bowl. I keep 8 - 16 Oz in stock. By its self however since it is drier it will bite as it burns quicker.

McClelland - 720 - Gran Marnier
Maybe I got the wrong stuff
I thought I was ordering something fruity, but what I taste would be described best as a very good semi sweet chocolate. I tried it in a brand new pipe to confirm. I also though got a film on my tongue and mouth that remains to be seen if it was from the new pipe instead of the tobacco. Film aside I was very pleased, but hope the film goes away.

Cornell & Diehl
Burley Ribbon Cut

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Cornell & Diehl
Cap's Blend

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