Juan P.

Captain Black - Premium Edition Black Sea 1.75oz
A cigarette inside your pipe
I´ve loved lat and English blends for a while. Sometimes I also enjoy some cavs and aros, specially Cap Black Regular (the white one, the others are awful). So I thought this Black Sea might be worthy of a try. I was terribly wrong. The Captain´s Treasured Blends are nothing to treasure as far as this one is concern... I could never notice the virginias nor the touch of latakia... Just smelled them barely when sticking my nose inside the tin... When lighted it´s just plain smoke or if you like, cigarette smoke. So if you don´t like smoking but enjoy plain smoke, go ahead and give it a chance! Although this is by far the worst tobacco I´ve ever tried, I gave it half star just because it burns well and easily. Like a bunch of dead leaves from your backyard

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