About Me:
Pipe smoker since 1980.First pipe was by Wally Frank from their Huntington,N.Y. store.Started out smoking aromatics,advanced to english blends in mid 90's,included full bodied va.& va/per as of early 2000's.Like Castello/Charatan/Dunhill/Ilsted/Eltang/ Upshall/Paolo Becker/

Cornell & Diehl - The Beast 2oz
I know I'll Like it
Givnig it 5 stars,and I haven't even received my order yet.Gratefull to Cornell and Diehl for producing this.I like Perique. I recieved my on sale notification email about 10 min after midnight.I woke up and promptly ordered 10 tins.I you want something like this,you have to be there as soon as it goes on sale.I think it sold out in less than 12 hours.I write back as soon as I smoke it.

G. L. Pease - Haddo's Delight 2oz
What topping?
Guys - Maybe it's just me, but I don't get this topping or alcohol sensation some of the smokers are writing about.To me,iy's an excellent va/per,the best yet for me.

G. L. Pease - Haddo's Delight 2oz
Calling All PeriQue Smokers
I tried this back in 2001,and it gave a whipping.But now things are different.I have since 01,developed a liking for Perique.This may spoil me in relation to the other va/per blends out there.Tin aroma has that funky, dirty socks odor I like.This doesn'tmean I like sniffing people's nasty socks, but it means this pungent tobacco is a first rate experience.Thanks,Mr Pease.

Cornell & Diehl - Burley Flake #4 2oz
Favorite Flake
I'm largely burned out on Latakia mixtures, but I make exception for this one."Meaty"describes it pretty well.The Lat is there,but so is the Burley.The lat is a supporting role, here.The strength is right there.I'm an unsophisticated lout whose taste buds have been hammered over time.So.....if you're like me,or even if you're notary this if lat burn out is knocking at your door.

Cornell & Diehl - Dark Burley 2oz
Five Stars
Great flavor.I smoke in the morning,or after dinner.No multiple flavor layers here.Filling the pipe is easy with this,as is lighting and smoking.Strong,but smooth.Not harsh on the mouth.I mixed mine with "Big N Burley in a Ball jar.Recommended

Cornell & Diehl - Bayou Night 2oz
Better With 5 Years on it.
Smoking the last bowl from the tin I purchased in 2015.All the components have melded, now.The Latakia is much less pronounced now, but not bad.

Cornell & Diehl - Burley Flake #4 2oz
Good as is
Much better with a few weeks of age,the Latakia that sensed in the front passenger seat is now in the back seat,but still there.The overall package is very good.I never got this “nuttiness” smoker write about,but that’s just me.The Burley Flake series is among my favorites by Cornell and Diehl.

G. L. Pease - Montgomery 2oz
Much Better With Age
I have some in a jar from three ago,the whole tin,actually.Huge difference from when I opened the tin.I didn’t like the smoking experience then.But now..........the flavors that weren’t there before.Smoked In a clean Stanwell Billiard .

Two Friends - Bed & Breakfast 2oz
Good English Mixture
Smooth,with Latakia in the front passenger seat,not the driver’s seat.I have some from yeas back.Worth a try.

Borkum Riff - Bourbon Whiskey 1.5oz
Could Stand Some Aging
Got mine at a local brick and mortar shop.It contains tobaccos that should respond well to three or four weeks in a Ball jar.I tried it upon getting home,and found it a bit bitey ,just a bit.I like the pouch aroma,very tobaccoy,but that’s just me.The Bourbon essence is there,which inspired me to pour a glass of that spirit.I think aging is the answer,here,and I’m willing to give it a try,if I don’t smoke it all first.

Cornell & Diehl - Smokingpipes 20th Anniversary Blend: XX Flake 2oz
Should order more
This a beautiful smoke,I'm using it to break in a new pipe.I'm sure I can taste the orientals in this one.Not trying to drum up business for C&D,but this the best from them I've had yet, and my experience with them goes back to the late 90s

Warped - Cloud Hopper 2oz
Mine Came Today
I think this is first rate.It is better in my opinion than the other cigar mixtures I’be smoked over the years.Very smooth.I like it more than the McClelland cigar blends.

Amphora - Burley 1.75oz
Not My Grandfathers Burley
Mine came today, and I am smoking right now out of the pouch.Did not dry it, but ut still has a good flavor.I'm sure that drying a pipe full prior to smoking would improve an already good experience.I like this more than their Virginia.This,and the Original mixture are my Amphora favorites.Recommended to all burley smokers, and smokers who want to start going into burley.

Kramer's - New Mix 50g
Solid medium English
Mine came yesterday.Good solid medium English with enough other components to enhance the flavor.I like this one. I recommend buying and smoking it.

Sail - Aromatic (Green) 1.5oz
Nice Morning Smoke
I tasted what may have been Latakia upon lighting up,then it backed off as the tobacco heated up to smoking temperature.The. Latakia in here is more of a suggestion,Rather than a major player.To me,this a good tasting mixture,especially in the morning,and no strong sweetness or bite from flavoring agents or hum act ants.

Cornell & Diehl - Burley Flake #1 2oz
Great Mixture!
Mine came today.I opened the tin a few minutes ago,and I dove right in with to tobacco as is,without drying it out any,and am still getting an excellent flavor.Drying will improve it further,I’m sure.The tin aroma is tangy,fruity,and strong,and yes,there is some nicotine present,but that is something you just have to learn to manage if you want to smoke these full flavored ,great tasting mixtures.Five stars.

Sail - Regular (Yellow) 1.5oz
Best OTC I’ve Had
And one of the best Virginia’s I’ve smoked.When I was still on active duty in the navy,one of my shipmates commented on how much he liked the Sail mixture.Well,I am finally getting around to smoking it myself,and am happy I did.I call this over the counter not out of meanness,but because blends like this,and many others were once available at many grocery and drug stores as late as the 1990s,and many were good,and some were garbage.I remember getting Three Star Blue (one of the good ones)in a drug store in Atlantic Beach,Florida.

Cornell & Diehl - Big 'n' Burley 2oz
Reminds me of D&R Rimboche AB
Burns quickly,take it easy.Interesting flavors if you go slow.Will put mine in Ball jar for a while,if I don’t smoke it all first.Aging should change things a bit.The Latakia is there at first light,but quickly joins forces with the other tobaccos.Use a wind cap if smoked out of doors.Does have some nicotine.Packs nice and springy.Smoking mine in a pipe that hasn’t been used in a long time,so the flavors come front and center sooner.Wold be interesting as a flake.I think this would go well in a large bowl.Will check back in later after further experimentation.

Mac Baren - HH Acadian Perique 3.5oz
Better Now With Some Age
My last entry on this was two years ago,and it has improved a lot.This was a 2015 purchase.I am smoking this in a larg,seldom used Upshall billiard.I think that the peanut gallery members who complain of a cigarette taste should stop smoking cigarettes.

Samuel Gawith - Navy Flake 250g
Five Stars....But Will They Stick?
My I Pad has a way of dropping stars,so I give this five in word.This is better than Bothy Flake,in my opinion.Someone wishing to enter the ranks of Samuel Gawith may well try this,as it is a smooth,yet full flavor mixture.Just a hint of Lat.In my opinion,very good.

Cornell & Diehl - Blockade Runner 8oz
Beautiful Smoke
Received mine today,and smoking some in a Charatan Executive.This goes great with a strong beer.Buy it and smoke it.One of the best Virginia types in a long time,five stars.

Amphora - Virginia Blend 1.75oz
Neutral Flavor
Maybe I’m spoiled from smoking those Lakeland tasting tobaccos.Very high quality broken flake.I dried mine overnight to improve the smokability.I will try in a variety of pipes.Maybe I goofed up by smoking in a pipe normally used for oriental mixtures.Who knows?I will give a chance.The four stars are for quality and presentation,and MacBaren has never let me down

Mac Baren - HH Burley Flake 1.75oz
Great Burley Flake
Smoking this rubbed out in a Connoisseur straight apple.Smooth.No bite(as if I had to tell you)This is a nice companion to the Solani Aged Burley.Maybe a little less kick,but great,none the less.If you like burley,try this.Now let’s allow some other smokers to check in with their opinions

Samuel Gawith - Bothy Flake 50g
My Rainy Day Is Here
Another Gawith great.I am a big believer in all the Gawith tobaccos.In fact all the tobaccos sold here are valid,and have a place in the pipe tobacco repertoire .Lakeland especially.Bothy is well put together.I didn’t notice much Latakia due to smoking too much Latakia Flake(my bad)and different from the others. There is no leathery taste as in Lakeland Dark,but no matter.I ask all smokers curious about the deep musty world of SMOOTH STRONG tobacco to try this.

Super Value - Ultra 1.5oz
Good For A Light Aromatic
Nice flavor,purchased it For my wife.Better and softer than capt black gold.I recommend your buy this if you like aromatics.I tried it.

Low Country - Guendalose 2oz
Mr Wilford and team
I Should have closed by saying Mr. Wilford and team.Good blend.

Low Country - Guendalose 2oz
Good After A Rich Meal
I bought mine from Low Country Tobacco on my drive back to Virginia Beach from Charleston,SC.Good with coffee after a rich meal.I ,am smoking it in a canted Ashton Dublin that I have been smoking the hell out of all day long.Would be interesting as a flake,as the ribbon does burn fast.Good job to Mr. Sykes and team.

Iwan Ries - Three Star Blue 7oz
Really First Rate
For an aromatic,this is really first rate.Good for a morning smoke,and really still the way I remember it back when I first purchased some back in the early 90’s in Florida back when drug stores still carried a better selection than they do today.I realize a lot of my reviews include words like “first” and “rate”, but not without reason.Similar to Valle Crucis in flavor.So,my smoking sisters and brothers,try it out,especially if you want to work your way up into the Latakia realm.Five Stars.

Two Friends - Redwood 2oz
First Rate Smoke
Not overpowering sweetness here,but a well balanced,strongly flavored experience that I enjoy at night over a few stiff glasses of red wine.This is a must try for smokers wishing to break out from the sweeter smokes like McClellandVirginia Woods.In my lowly opinion,this is more of an autum or winter smoke,as in cooler weather.All the tobaccos seem to work together here,and sure has body. You need to try this, If only once,after a good meal,morning or evening. Five Stars.

St. Bruno - Flake 1.75oz
Nicest In a Long Time
I don’t know what if any Topping they use on this,but it all comes togeather beautifully.I rubbed out one Flake straight out the newly opened tin and filled a billiard that I hadd’ent smoked in a year or so.It was a little moist,but that did not affect the flavor too much,just an occasional run through with a pipe cleaner to avoid gurgling.I will try drying this out over the next 12 to 24 hours,which am sure will improve the smoking characteristics/flavor,even though the flavor is good now.I remember something tasting similar to this being available at Barclay-Rex Back in the 80’s as one their house mixtures.Nice memories I think I’ll get some more of this.12-15 years of aging will probably enhance this even more.Five stars.

Drucquer & Sons - Trafalgar 200g
First Rate English Mixture
The Latakia is right there upon lighting up,but not in a huge amount.Medium bodied,I would call it.I have been going to this and the Levantine mixture these days.

Samuel Gawith - Lakeland Dark 50g
Good Blender
This is good blended 50/50 with Hogarth Bob's Chocolate or 50/50 with Amphora original mixture

Orlik - Dark Strong Kentucky 50g
Not Strong In The Gawith Lakeland sense
but strong when compared to the other Orlik offerings.Flavorfull,and with a detectable but not overpowering sweetness.I am now smoking a newly opened tin that has been sitting around for a few months.Upon opening,I saw three neat,square stacks of individual slices,with a section of light colored tobacco in the middle,and two sections of the dark on either side.A pungent aroma accompanied this as I stuck my nose into the tin.It is moist enough to fold,which I did,and rubbed out another one and placed the strands atop and around the folded slice as a sort of kindling.This worked well.You will need a few pipe cleaners to keep the smoke channel walls swabbed down if smoking straight from the tin as I am right now,but still, it's not too sloppy and wet.I recommend this to smokers who want to move into the realm of the Gawith 1792 Flake and Lakeland dark.I give it five stars for it's quality,presentation,and flavor.If cellared for 8-10 years,this should be great.

G. L. Pease - Montgomery 2oz
Eye Opener
I Dried mine out for a few hours,then stored in a Ball jar.Smoking it now in an MT Natural billiard from Peretti's.Very good flavor that jumped right out at me as soon as I put the flame to it,and began to draw.The ribbon cut makes it easy to fill the pipe.Will smoke this next in a large bowl to see if the flavor is changed in any way.If you like Virginia tobacco,try this.There is some nicotine present,as well.

Amphora - Original Blend 1.75oz
Even Better When Dried
Spread my pouchfull out on a platter,and allowed it to dehumidify for about 7 hours.Not crunchy dry,but no longer spongy feeling.The flavor is much enhanced,and no gurgling.Well worth your six dollars.The little bit of moisture that did collect on the walls of the smoke channel I did swab away with a pipe cleaner.

Samuel Gawith - 1792 Flake 250g
Even Better Dried
An update to original review. Rubbed out half a Flake,,and let dry a few days.It is even better,less bitterness due to the moisture,so more of the flavor comes out,and what great flavor it is,my smokers.I am using a Brigham with the rock maple insert,with fewer trips to the pipe cleaner jar.Being drier helps with the draw on this pipe.

Amphora - Original Blend 1.75oz
A good mixture
Mr Ireland's discussion of this blend got me interested,so I purchased one pouch,and am glad I did.Smooth and flavorful,I did. To notice anything coco like about it.But no matter.This could be a great morning Smoke,or as a change up from my fuller mixtures

Gawith Hoggarth & Co. - Bob's Chocolate Flake 50g
Not a type "A" personality,but still intresting
Nice change over from my usual diet of va,burley,and Latakia mixtures.This would be very interesting without the chocolate essence but still not bad.I recommend this to Aron smokers who seek entry into the world of full flavor mixtures.Mine came as a broken Flake of top drawer quality,much better than a lot of the Aro junk out there.

Samuel Gawith - 1792 Flake 250g
My 250 grams came today.I dove right in,folded two flakes,and inserted them into the bowl of this Cavichi which I am in the process of breaking in.What beautiful flavor!I like this more than Lakeland Dark.Great with coffee after a good meal.What awesome flavor!The flavor is more forward than the nicotine.This is what pipe smoking is all about...1792!The flakes come layed our flat in a ziplock bag,and after one whiff,I knew I had to light this up.Ran upstairs,grabbed the new Cavichi,and without bothering to dry it out,filled the chamber,and lit up.Yes, I have to swab out the channel with a pipe cleaner now and then due to the moisture,but no matter.Very rewarding flavor.Five stars!

Filters & Adaptors - Brigham Rock Maple Inserts (8 Pack)
Restricts the draw
The inside diameter of the insert is too small.Needs to be same as a normal smoke channel.I think the Savinelli balsa system is better.The Brigham pipe seems to be a solid,well made utensil,however.

Dunhill - Ye Olde Signe 50g
Reminds Me Of Royal Yacht
Good flavor and satisfying dose of vitamin N.First rate.

BriarWorks - Pete's Beard's Blend 2oz
Good even when dried out
Have some I recieved as a sample at a pipe show last year in it's poorly sealed zip lock.Reminded me a little of Balkan Sobranie

Dunhill - Dark Flake 50g
A Beautiful Smoke
Got mine in the mail tonight and right away popped open the tin.Has a nice,pungent aroma.Not too much nicotine so as to set your head spinning.Smoked fully rubbed out without waiting for it to dry any.Used a small,3/4 bent billiard.The Virginia and the perique working as a team,at least to my battered pallet.Full flavor,smoked it slow.Will try drying for an hour or two,rubbed out,and also as a flake.

Cornell & Diehl - Bayou Morning 2oz
Good with morning coffee
As the name suggests,morning is a nice time to smoke this.Smoke slowly,and the flavor come out,and you won't get bitten.alternate with a sip of coffee,this will clean off the palette and amplify the flavor,just stand by for a little nicotine.

Dunhill - Royal Yacht 50g
I Like This
Picked up a tin at the "Tobacco Road" smoke shop in Bahrain.A good,pure tobacco flavor is right up front from the Virginias,along with a healthy dose of "After all is said and done" vitamin N.Great after a full meal.I broke in a new pipe with this,and had to shave down the cake a few times in the process.Call me crazy,but it has a flavor similar to "Navigator" by Mr. Pease,at least according to my much hammered pallet.I say,try it.

G. L. Pease - Navigator 2oz
Clear The Decks For Action!
Like the other reviewers say,smoke this one slowly.This would be a great morning or evening smoke.I am smoking this in one of the Ropp "Vintage Briar" pipes,and the flavor is excellent.Later,I will use a pipe with a larger bowl,to see if the flavor expands any.As is,the tobaccos trade back and forth as I puff my way down to where there is nothing left but ash.One of the best Virginia based mixtures I have smoked

Drucquer & Sons - Levant Mixture 200g
My 200gr Came Today
And well worth the money.Similar (in my opinion) in cut and flavor to the Dunhill Standard mixtures,except that flavor is more full bodied.Nice change out from my usual full virginia and burley mixtures.

Solani - Aged Burley Flake - 656 50g
Yes,it has nicotine....but
It also has a good,full flavor.Better than other burleys I have smoked.Needs no drying out.I recommend smoking this in a large tobacco chamber,to allow the full flavor to develope,rubbed out,or not.I tried to give this five stars, it my pop up keyboard will not allow me.Another first class tobacco from Mr. Will.

Half and Half - Half and Half 1.5oz
Better Than Last Time,but still harsh.
I last smoked Half N Half in the late 1990s,and it was a much different composition.It was quite harsh,and smelled like newly mown grass.I never finished the pouch.This pouch, I did finish,but still,the tobacco has a harshness to it.It has a bite to it,and I'm not a hard puffer.The flavor develops about half way down the bowl.I guess I just can't handle these "manly man" tobaccos.If you want a good,strong,full flavor burley,with no bite,try Solani Aged Burley.

G. L. Pease - Temple Bar 2oz
Another winner
Smoking this slowly,fully rubbed out.Some sweetness shows it's self,and the perique giving signs of life here and there.I can't seem to find anything bad to say about these blends.Just get it up to temperature,and flavors will come out.

Sir Walter Raleigh - Regular 1.5oz
Good Smoke
I tried this back in my aromatic days,and did not know what to make of it.Now,I've tried it again,and I find a good tasting,one dimensional smoke.One dimensional smokes are not a bad thing,as long as they don't bite.Easier on the mouth than Half N Half.

Gawith Hoggarth & Co. - Rum Flake 50g
Very Flavorful
I am smoking this fully rubbed out,in a properly filled pipe,so there's plenty of air flow around the strands of tobacco.I gave it no drying time,and it stays lit with no problems.The flavor stays pretty much the same throughout the smoking.This one gets five stars,because I could not find a reason not to.It deserves the five.Never mind the word play regarding "maple", and "sweet";This is not Capt. Black,and could well knock you off your riding mowers,as it did me.If you want the satisfaction of nicotine,and full flavor,but not the blistering sensation in your mouth from Half N Half,give this a try.Really.

E. Hoffman Company - Spilman Mixture 2.5oz
Very Good
Very earthy and pungent in the tin.At first light,a little Latakia showed it's self,and not much else.,but once I got everything lit up and up to temperature,and the other tobaccos working togeather,that earthiness came on.I think that the key to keeping the different tobaccos tasting like they should is to draw enough to keep the temperature up there,but not so high that you get tongue bite.I like the larger pieces of tobacco in this blend,and I'm sure their size contributes to the overall flavor.I recommend this,and will at some point,purchase more.

G. L. Pease - Regents Flake 2oz
I like this one
The overall flavor is balanced,but the oriental flavor still shows a sign of life every few puffs,especially upon lighting up,which in my opinion is a good thing.I do not detect a large blast of nicotine,but that is not to say that the nicotine is not there.It would more than likely hit me if I were to smoke this in the morning,which I will.Well done to Mr. Pease for the great blending job,and well done smoking pipes.com for stocking it.

G. L. Pease - Sixpence 2oz
I entered the dark paneled room
And was not disapointed.A creole woman with long,dark wavy hair was ,lounging in that club chair.Her name was Sixpence.I took a couple of her flakes,rubbed them out fully,and filled my new Beo 3/4 bent pipe,and lit up.The humidity level is good right out of the tin.I could taste the perique and Virginias trading back and forth as I puffed gently.Had I not rubbed out the flakes,and simply folded them,The flavors would have presented themselves differently still.I will smoke this down to the ashes,then light them up as well in order to break in this pipe.Highly recommended by myself,I look forward to my next meeting with Sixpence.Wll done,Mr. Pease.

McClelland - Dominican Glory Maduro 100g
Worth a try
I'm smoking some that has been sitting in the tin at least a few years,Without any extra humidification.The original moistness is gone now,but it is not compleatly dried out,which improves the taste.This is not a cigar,nor a nicotine forward blend.Instead,all the elements come togeather,and from time to time a little cigar flavor/smell is detected in the background.This might be a good transition blend if you want to work up to stronger va tobacco,but this all just my opinion.It is worth the time it takes to order it.

Captain Black - Original 1.5oz
I've Come Full Circle
Started out smoking this,and something with Apple flavoring.Back in the day. Smoked my way up through the English and Va/Per and Burleys,both single and multi dimensional.Now,some little micro switch has re-closed in my head,and I've become re-interested in Capt.Black blends.Always have been good blends.I'm smoking this in a Savinelli Autograph with the balsa filter.It works really well.No gurgling.Don't smoke this expecting the same tobacco/taste satisfaction you get from Gawith Lakelands Dark,it's a different animal.If the tobacco is too damp for you,try drying it out a few hours by spreading it out on a plate.The use of a pipe with above mentioned balsa filter is recommended not just for this,but for all tobaccos.The Medico filters are too restrictive.So go ahead and look down your noses at me for daring to smoke an OTC blend in an Autograph,filtered,no less.I used to be afraid to admit that I liked Captain Black.Not anymore, I'm all grown up now. I've come full circle.

Low Country - Waccamaw 2oz
Very Good Virginia
I don't have a golden pallet like some of the reviewers,but the flavor is very good.Recieved some as a sample in a zip lock bag,and let it set there a few months while I was away at work.It had a chance to dry out some during this time.Upon returning home,I opened it back up and filled a thick walled Caminetto Dublin"Torch" without rubbing it out. It required a few extra lights because of this,but no matter.It is on the strong side,so don't smoke on an empty stomach if you are not accustomed to this.I recommend to any Virginia smoker who thinks it is time to venture out of the realm of mild Virginias.

BriarWorks - Bacon Old Fashioned 2oz
I like bacon old fashioned,so there.
I am sorry that the other reviewers but one did not like this.Make me number two that likes this mixture.I am smoking it in my new pipe by John Inge.This pipe represents tobaccos very well in all their flavors.I am also sipping some cask strength Maker's Mark Bourbon.This really accentuates the flavor of the tobacco.Any tobacco,for that matter,but this one in particular.I recommend it.Try it.Don't allow negative reviews back you off,my smokers.I also encourage the smokers who did not like this to try it again under different circumstances,with different PH levels in their mouthes,as this also makes for a change in flavor.

Peterson - Special Reserve Limited Edition 2016 100g
Not normally an aromatic smoker,but willing to try most tobaccos at least once,I have to say that this is excellent.The casing is present upon lighting,but blends in with the rest of the mixture within a short time.The tobacco taste is always there.A bit moist out of the tin for my taste,but drying it for 15-20 minutes will take care of that.No tongue bite at the light,or later down the bowl.Of course,not much nicotine here,but no matter.

Daughters & Ryan - Rimboché A.B. 40g
Not Bad
I was given a free sample of this at the TAPS show in Raleigh,and began smoking it on the drive back to Virginia Beach.I like the Latakia flavor in the background.The overall flavor is good,and this blend is worth a try.It lights easily,and stays lit. went through two bowls of it in a newly aquired Inge pipe.

Peterson - Irish Cask 50g
So far,so good.
My first time with Irish Oak.I am using it to break in one of those Ropp "Vintage Briar" pipes that just arrived today.Beautifull pipe,by the way.I tend to enjoy mixtures like this,and this one very good,so far.Bear in mind,my smokers,We are breaking in virgin wood,here,and this review will be updated as the cake forms in the bowl.The flavor so far is good,and the perique can be detected,and so can the the Cavendish,but way in the background.The humidity level out of the tin is not too high,although the virgin wood is absorbing some of the moisture,I'm sure.

Solani - Virginia Flake - 633 50g
Absolutely first rate
Like the other reviewers say,perfect.Perfect humidity level out of the tin,and it rubbed out very quickly.I am smoking it my Castello with the oval shaped bowl that I reserve for Virginias.In it's unsmoked form,the aroma is stellar.Pay no attention to the four stars,this a five,just the right balance of sweetness and strength.

McClelland - Blakeney's Best: Acadian Ribbon 50g
Top Drawer
I had a tin of this back in the early 2000s,back in my full blend days,before I was fully acclimated to the stronger va/per blends,and as I remember,my full blends sat in their jars while I smoked this.I smoked all of it.It is similar to the Solani Virginia/perique,but with a little more perique up front and in back.And the full blends still sit in their jars.

G. L. Pease - JackKnife Plug 2oz
Really Nice
I can actually taste the different tobaccos coming togeather here.Not usually my strong suit.Smoking this fully rubbed out in an LJS Ferndown that has a group 6 sized bowl.No problem staying lit as the humidity level is perfect (slightly dry)out of the tin,and I just keep tamping it down as I smoke.I really like this.Good with a cup of coffee or a shot of bourbon.This would be good after a rich meal.The best Pease blend I have smoked,and his blends are no joke.Keep it up,sir.Highly recommended,my smokers.

Samuel Gawith - Lakeland Dark 50g
All my years of smoking
They have culminated in this: Lakeland Dark.I first smoked a pipe in 1980.I could not handle "strong" tobacco at that time.By 1994,I moved up to English blends with help of the Cove tobacco shop in Jacksonville Fla.,smoking "Prime Minister" which was their version of "Early Morning Pipe". They also sold me my first Dunhill."Prime Minister" absolutely slew me.By the early 2000's, I was tiring of the constant flavor of Latakia,and tried some of the stronger va/per blends.They knocked my socks off,but there was a pure taste there I could not get over.The love of this "taste" has led me,and,hopefully,you,too,my smokers to "Lakeland Dark".BIG thanks to Smokingpipes.com. Pixies.com for stocking it.

Samuel Gawith - Cabbie's Mixture 50g
If I were a cabbie in London
If I were a cabbie in London,back in the mid to late 1800's,and had access to this,it would be my all day smoke,if I were an all day smoker. My order came today. Pure,beautiful tobacco smell upon opening the tin.ll the components are in good proportion,with the perique coming out just a little in front,but not too much so.I did not dry this first,and have only run my pipe cleaner through the pipe once in this half hour of smoking.THIS AN OUTSTANDING MIXTURE.I recommend Samuel Gawith Tobbacco to all my smokers.Step up,not away.And my fifth star is still lazy tonight.

Mac Baren - HH Acadian Perique 3.5oz
more than four
The best perique blend I have smoked to date.Go ahead and complain about it's lack of this ,or that.

Mac Baren - HH Bold Kentucky 1.75oz
Lighting Up The Ashes
I give this one five stars,even though my I pad will only give me half a star tonight.Recommended after a rich meal with a cup of coffee.The flavor of the tobacco is very complimentary.Burns to a white/gray ash.I'm lighting up those ashes right now,completing last night's smoke.Don't light this up hoping for Hal O The Wynd.It just is'int like that,my smokers.The taste reminds me of Peterson's Irish Flake,But it's a lot more leathery and smoky.Try it

Mac Baren - Dark Twist 3.5oz
Very Good
I like to rub out the tobacco and dry it for a few hours to overnight.Great flavor.

Peterson - Irish Flake 50g
Excellent Mixture
Like the other reviews say,Pure,strong tobacco.The real thing,but with class.Burns clean,with good flavor.Work your way up to this,my smokers,there is nicotine present here.I mixed my last few slices with some Gawith twist,and Peterson 3P,and 1983 red virginia to let them mary for a few months.

Rattray's - Brown Clunee 100g
Good Virginia
My Brown Clunee has been sitting in it's unsealed tin since I purchased/opened it at least ten years ago.Dry,but not too dry to smoke.Good solid virginia flavor,a little tart on the end of the tounge at first light,but nothing I would call "bite".I like it.Can't really detect any perique since my pallet has been squashed from smoking 30%+ perique blends.I will bounce back and forth between this and the stronger va/perique blends.Produces a whitish/gray ash.I am smoking this in a large,thick (5/8")walled dublin.Worth a try,my smokers.You judge for yourselves.

Cornell & Diehl - Exhausted Rooster 2oz
Good tasting tobacco
I am smoking a tin purchased and opened back in 2012.The fragrance In the tin is unlike any virginia mixture I have ever tried.It is a very clean,but strong and unspoiled smell.The perique is not forward.It burns to a nice white ash,and the flavor of the virginia comes through if smoked slowly,and it is good.I am not having to swab out my pipe every five minutes,either.The multi layered tin liner has maintained the humidity level just right.This is (in my opinion) for smokers who have a tolerance for the nicotine component,but don't let this frighten you off.Try this if bored with the run of the mill full mixtures. - Carl

Cornell & Diehl - Bourbon Bleu 2oz
Another First Rate
Fifth star still not working,but there in spirit.If I were to smoke all day,this would be one of my choices.Perique not as forward as in Bayou nights,but still enough to be tasted.i recommend this to Virginia and English smokers who want to raise the bar as far as flavor/nicotine is concerned.Excellent tobacco.

Cornell & Diehl - Bayou Night 2oz
First Rate
I would have rated this as five stars,but the fifth star seems not to be working tonight.Excellent flavor.Better than Haddo's Delight by far.Will recommend to smokers who are bored with their English blends/nicotine levels and want to step up a little higher.I suggest not smoking this on an empty stomach until you are accustomed to it. - Carl from Virginia Beach

Standard Mixture Mellow 50g

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Standard Mixture 50g

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My Mixture 965 50g

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Nightcap 50g

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London Mixture 50g

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Early Morning Pipe 50g

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Irish Flake 50g

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Irish Cask 50g

$18.59 $12.23

Two Friends
Redwood 2oz

$16.00 $13.60

Two Friends
Bed & Breakfast 2oz

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Virginia Flake - 633 50g

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Aged Burley Flake - 656 50g

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Penzance 2oz

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Samuel Gawith
Lakeland Dark 50g

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Samuel Gawith
Full Virginia Flake 50g

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Samuel Gawith
Brown No. 4 Rope 50g

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Samuel Gawith
Commonwealth Mixture 50g

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Golden Sliced 100g

$30.10 $19.81

Red Virginia 50g

$16.15 $12.05

Mac Baren
HH Pure Virginia 1.75oz

$18.63 $14.37

Mac Baren
HH Bold Kentucky 1.75oz

$18.63 $14.37

Mac Baren
HH Acadian Perique 1.75oz

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Cornell & Diehl
Pirate Kake 2oz

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Cornell & Diehl
Bourbon Bleu 2oz

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Cornell & Diehl
Bayou Morning 2oz

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Cornell & Diehl
Bayou Night 2oz

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Daughters & Ryan
Cockstrong 3.5oz

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Daughters & Ryan
Rimboché A.B. 40g

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Cask No.11 3.5oz

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Balkan Sobranie
Balkan Sobranie 50g

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G. L. Pease
Sixpence 2oz

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G. L. Pease
Sextant 2oz

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G. L. Pease
Piccadilly 2oz

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G. L. Pease
Regents Flake 2oz

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G. L. Pease
Navigator 2oz

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Royal Yacht 50g

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    Before and After
  • ► Grain alcohol works very well.Be carefull,as it will also remove any wax finish that is on the rim.You can wipe it down afterwards with a soft rag that has been impregnated with"Briar Pipe Wipe"to restore some of the shine.Buffing it on a wheel with a little carnuba wax is also an option.I like to rub the surface with a 3000 or 5000 grit polishing pad prior to waxing,as this will present a very smooth,hard surface for the wax,and you will get better results.