Ben T.

Gawith Hoggarth & Co. - Brown Twist
Brown Twist Sliced
If you're now, or ever have been a full-body cigar smoker, this tobacco is going to knock your socks off with how good it is. It seemed a bit too much when first purchased but after being jarred for 6 months it has all that you could want in a pipe tobacco. I originally bought this because of the across the board top ratings for Strength: Room Note: and Taste:. Son of a gun, they're right!

Reiner - Blend No. 71 100g
Better aged
I agree with Jose. This blend is pretty good when young but much better with age.

Cornell & Diehl - Sunday Picnic 2oz
Great Aged!
Found a jar of this I'd put up in Dec '13. My goodness this stuff does age incredibly! Should get you some just to put away for a future pleasant surprise.

Solani - Aged Burley Flake - 656 50g
Top of My Rotation
This tasty blend has made it to the top of my rotation. This has become my go-to blend. Enjoyable anytime of day it's the bomb. In my opinion the "Aged" part of the name best explains it. Kudos Rudiger. Good job.

Ashton - Artisan's Blend 50g
With Some Age...
Just found some of this about a year old. This is really good aged.

Dunhill - London Mixture 50g
Good Stuff
This is indeed the good stuff. I experimented with mixing it half and half with Westminster. The result was in a word, sublime. Update: 5-12-15 I now regularly enjoy this blend but am still enamored with blending it with Westminster and smoking slowly.

Cornell & Diehl - Chopped Cigar Leaf
It's Just Like...
It's just like bacon. It makes everything better.

Dunhill - Early Morning Pipe
I Agree
I agree with previous posts. This is an excellent anytime smoke. Light and pleasantly sweet. A most satisfying bowl. If you haven't tried it yet, get a bit and see for yourself.

Mac Baren - HH Old Dark Fired 3.5oz
Tasty Stuff
Short and to the point. Very tasty should you prefer a richer, fuller flavor. Not extremely complex but a good smoke in my estimation.

Tom Eltang - Sweet and Mellow 2oz
Searching for Aromatics?
While searching for aromatics to be used as a "dessert" smoke I happened across this fine blend. Light enough to follow any meal it affords a pleasant "lower octane" alternative to the English and Balkin blends I usually smoke. Mild in strength and flavorful throughout the bowl, it fills the bill nicely. It may not be for everyone but one should try it if on the lookout for a milder yet tasty smoke with low nicotine content.

G. L. Pease - Westminster 2oz
I Agree
I agree with the previous posters. This is a smooth all-day English that has to be tasted to believe. Kudos Mr. Pease! On a lark I mixed this blend 50/50 with Dunhill London Mixture and was very pleased with the resulting smoke. Take it around the block and see what you think.

G. L. Pease - JackKnife Ready Rubbed 2oz
Agreed. Not bad at all!
I agree with the previous poster. This is an "old school" type blend with a nice nicotine kick. Try it with a little "blending cigarleaf" for a nice change of pace.

Balkan Sobranie - Balkan Sobranie 50g
Now I Know
A smooth mellow blend that is simply delicious. If you are even remotely interested in Balkan blends, you owe it to yourself to try this. I will endeavor to keep this easy smoking, great tasting blend stockpiled from now on.

Cornell & Diehl - Old Joe Krantz
Just bought a large amount of this in bulk after reading all the reviews and being a big fan of Billy Budd. I'm hoping that I got some of a mis-blended lot as this stuff is pretty rank as it is. Guess I'll be cellaring this stuff for quite a while with the hope it will improve. The previous post is my hope... Update: Tried it again 4-1-16 and found it smokable. Not all that good for aging that long but smokable. Give it another star to 2 1/2.

Cornell & Diehl - Billy Budd
Wow is Right!
Superb blend. Creamy stout goodness. As already warned, not for the faint of heart or newcomers. Buy bulk and cellar this stuff. You'll be glad you did. Update: 5-12-16 Just tried some from jar dated 8-27-14. You can't miss with this fantastic blend.

Balkan Sobranie
Balkan Sobranie 50g

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