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I guess i'll smoke them all til i find my favorite.

Sutliff - Blend No. 5 1.5oz
Great quality
This is a great blend if you take your time with it for the price its really a fantastic blend, i get a mix of chocolate and oriental with a mild latakia. It's very smooth.

Sutliff - Bosphorus Cruise 1.5oz
THis is good, but blend 5 is much better
Great smooth taste, i like the up front orientals and sweet taste. This is a very balanced blend. Edit: still a nice blend however blend 5 is much better.I would compare this to blue mountain/ blakan blue, balkan blue is more chocolately

Lane Limited - Crown Achievement 1.75oz
Pretty good blend
A smoky BBQ smell from opening, nice smooth round notes with Orientals coming forward but not as much as in Bosphorus cruise, and with the latakia playing back a bit not too much but i can detect it here and there. Nothing like 3 oaks but a good smoke.I don't think i'll buy more but its only becuase i have a few other favorites with a little more up front orientals.

Mac Baren - HH Old Dark Fired 3.5oz
Too Strong
I guess if you need the nic this is a good one. Its not for me, too strong on the nic. Taste is flavorful but the cigar note bothered me. even if i needed the nic hit it would be 3 stars I smoke Bosphorus Cruise, 3 oaks,Frogblends, balkan flake, etc

Penzance 2oz

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Penzance 8oz

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Balkan Sobranie
Balkan Sobranie 50g

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