Eugene S.

Cornell & Diehl - Dark Chocolate
Not Good..Not Bad
I was not impressed with the taste. I enjoy smoking pipe tobacco based on the taste and flavor. The rest means nothing. I would not call this an enjoyable smoke. I ordered 4 0z. and I hope it gets better. I hate throwing tobacco away especially at the price of C&D. Over priced and under flavored in my book. No reorders from me on this blend.

Lane Limited - BCA
Good Black Cav.
I have smoked many black cav tobaccos. This to me is one that I keep returning to. I did not rate this a 5 star as there is nothing perfect. It is a good tobacco. The one thing that is close to perfect is Smoking Pipes. They have a very good company because of the people. I have noticed for many orders that when I order 16 oz. of tobacco, I get a good double sealed plastic baggie. The plastic baggie is a little thicker and keeps the tobacco fresh. I know this may cost a little more, but S/P takes care of the customers. The service is one of the best on line companies that I have dealt and ordered from. Keep up the good work..Thanks.

Sutliff - Z93 - Dark Decadence
Not Good
I ordered 8 oz. of this in Dec. 2014... I rate this a 1...Because it is tobacco. I had to cut this in half and add 4 oz. of McClelland VBC to make it where I could smoke it and not throw all of it away.. My New Years resolution for 2015 and maybe beyond is not to order any Sutliff tobacco. What upsets me is that I have to add good tobacco in order to smoke the bad tobacco. I threw the other 4 oz. in the flower beds so the rabbits would not eat the greenery. It worked..Even the rabbits do not like it......

Sutliff - B38 Dark Obsession
The Blend is Lacking..
I received this blend and as usual with Sutliff tobaccos it is lacking taste, flavor and has a little bite. The problem with all Sutliff blends is the companies PRICE POINT. It is too bad they do not spend another dime and a few pennies to make there blends a touchdown. A little more coins and some creativity they would have some repeat business. I have ordered Midnight Smoke and Black Kathy. Not BAD, but not good enough to re-order. This blend with a little help could be better then CB-Dark. It has the basics, but it needs help. I just can not justify in my little brain to buy something that is nothing. Please Sutliff do something to make your tobacco blends stand out. You have an advantage being you sell in bulk and your name has been an advantage. Don't ruin your reputation with cheap tobacco.

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