Curivari - Buenaventura Mini BV
Great Little Smoke
Just ordered my second box. Great med-full taste with a great Nicaraguan flavor. Didn’t have any serious burn issues with only minor touch ups after loosing the initial ash. At this box price they’re a great deal. Perfect size for a 45-minute smoke.

Cornell & Diehl - Bailey's Front Porch
Great Mild Blend
Great for those warm, late summer evenings sitting on your porch/deck. Really a mellow blend with the Burley taking the lead and the Latakia playing second fiddle. Perique is perceived but, really light after a year in my cellar. Didn’t taste the Virginia though. Simply an enjoyable smoke that ain’t complicated. A wonderful aroma with a slightly smoky nutty flavor. Loved its simplicity!

Warped - Cabinet Selección de Warped: Lirio Rojo 2019
Fantastic Cigar
An amazing cigar! Perfectly rolled with a beautiful lusty brown wrapper and a perfect cap. Initial aroma is woodsy and rich tobacco. Draw is perfect even with the length of this beauty. Taste is deep leather and mocha throughout. Burns perfectly. I’d buy a box if they weren’t so expensive.

Stands & Pouches - Tobacco Pouch Humidifier
Best Price Anywhere!
Pretty simple but, essential. Most importantly, best price on the internet and I checked them all.

Tampers & Tools - 8deco Penner Tamper
Great Buy
Just got mine and was pleasantly surprised as to its size and heft. Matches many of my fine writing pens. Love the finish and additional length. Much larger than any of my other tampers. Absolutely love it!

Cornell & Diehl - Founding Fathers
Great, Pleasant Aromatic
I’ve been maturing this for over two years - oh my what a pleasant smoke. The jar aroma is most pleasing - sort of a woodsy chocolate aroma with a sweet fruit over-tone. Packed and lit well in my vintage Calebresi brandy pipe. Flavor remains throughout the bowl - a warming almost Christmas spice flavor (IMO). The room note is a pleasant but, not too sweet fruity nut. I will continue to smoke more of this for certain - no bite, period. Order a little extra and let it mature for an amazing experience.

Seattle Pipe Club - Potlatch 8oz
Great Rich Blend That Pleases
Another great SPC Mix. Latakia is up front throughout but, beautifully balanced by the woodsy Burleys and the lemon-grass VAs. The perique adds spice but, doesn’t overpower. Great smoke from char to dottle.

Captain Earle's - Ten Russians 2oz
Great Latakia Tobacco
Recently discovered this line of tobacco and glad I did. This is their strongest Latakia Blend and I loved it. Well balanced, easily crumbles, ready to smoke with minimum drying time. Latakia is front and center but, not overwhelming and the orientalist make a great blended balance. Highly recommended. Can’t wait to try the other blends.

Iwan Ries - Three Star Blue 7oz
Great Taste and Aroma - WINNER
I can see why this is one of their best selling custom blends. Perfect balance among its many elements with a very pleasant room note that the ladies enjoy. Medium strength, no burn and wonderful, minimum effort burn. At this price it’s a winner by all accounts.

Gawith Hoggarth & Co. - Brown Irish X
Another Great Rope Tobacco
I let this age almost a year and it did fantastic. Still moist in my jar and smelling like the deep woods after a shower - pure tobacco aroma. I sliced off several chunks using my cigar cutter, separated the leaves and let it set for about 10 minutes which was plenty here in Colorado. Then packed my pipe rather loosely and lit it. After the initial bloom it did great. Pleasant aroma of well aged tobacco almost like a prune or rich mushroom. I found it to be rich and strong with no bite. Extremely enjoyable to the bottom of the bowl.

Lane Limited - La Gloria Cubana 1.75oz
Great Latakia Blend
This is a great English Blend with a wonderful smoky Latakia forward profile. When you open the tin the smoky Latakia hits you in the face with a slight woodsy/floral note. I agree with Hypnotic in that the moisture out of the tin is fine and lights well from the get go. It burns well to the bottom of the bowl. The room note is the most pleasing of all Latakia blends I've tried; almost a smoky floral note that's most pleasing. The taste is phenomenal with a definite Latakia forward smokiness but, with a woodsy/floral note that's most pleasing and enough Perique to tweak your nose and add a wonderful spice. Don't let the name fool you - this is a great tobacco that can be smoked all day long.

Samuel Gawith - Squadron Leader 50g
Not the Original
They need to go back to their original blend with Perique. This one is lacking because they don't include this anymore.

Stands & Pouches - 1790 English Tobacco Box German Silver with Eagle
Great Little Tobacco Carrier
Based on an article on site I decided to get one of these as my go-to daily tobacco carrier. I polished it with carnuba as soon as I got it (as recommended on the discussion on site). It wasn't easy but, should protect the finish and protect the tobacco a little longer and avoid any contamination issues from the metal (you gotta love how our Government worries about the small things). I look forward to using this right away. It's well made and once it's polished up I'm sure it will be a real conversation piece.

Stands & Pouches - Claudio Albieri Leather Cleaners Holder Tan
Great Little Gadget
This arrived today and it's definitely well made and looks really sharp. I got the tan and it's actually darker than what the photo shows. Now I have a great case for my pipe cleaners and for the price, you cannot go wrong. If nothing else it adds class to wherever you go. It holds about 20, or so, extra absorbent pipe cleaners.

Stands & Pouches - Black Leather Drawstring Tobacco Pouch
Excellent Tobacco Pouch
I got this today and upon inspection I found it well made. All stitching was nice and tight and well done. It's definitely all leather so the price is unbeatable. Also though the description doesn't mention it, it is lined with surgical grade latex to keep the tobacco fresh. Obviously it won't keep tobacco fresh as long as something else but, for short term trips you got to admit it's pretty cool looking.

Cornell & Diehl - Buffalo Soldier 2oz
Really Enjoyable All Day Blend
OK I admit I'm a huge C&D fan but, I believe they are blending some of the best tobaccos anywhere. The Latakia and Perique aren't over- whelming but, they are clearly present. Definitely medium strength but, I really enjoy it and the room note isn't over-whelming. A great easy-going blend with enough Latakia and Perique to keep me coming back. I recommend this to those new to this format.

Cornell & Diehl - Snug Harbor
Oh My What a Tobacco!
I am a HUGE fan of C&D Latakia and Perique blends but, was skeptical of an English Aromatic. What is that anyway? Boy was I wrong. This is a great tobacco and you must try it. It is an unbelievable smooth smoke which will make your partner swoon with the room note. Not as much Perique as Mountain Camp but, the Turkish tobaccos are an amazing addition to the blend. Smooth, flavorful and no bite.

Gawith Hoggarth & Co. - Brown Bogie
What a Great, Fun Tobacco!
I bought this because of the uniqueness of the twist genre. This was my first twist and I enjoyed it immensely. I cut it into 1/8" coins, unraveled into a shag cut and let it set for 10-minutes. Packed my pipe, lit it and sat back for the journey. Deep leather, with cocoa and almost charred oak like a great bourbon. Strong deep tobacco taste that you'll love; tasted just like the leaves look - dark, strong and mysterious. Nicotine galore; would make a neophyte dizzy for sure. My only regret is not buying more.

Peterson - St. Patrick's Day 2016 50g
Great Aromatic
I'm trying to love aromatics and this one helped me immensely. Initial tin opening was coconut, raisin and rum for me. More rum than Bailey's Irish Cream; although I love that too. Perfect moisture in a shag cut that loosened for me when disturbed. Great packing in my new Johs and great light. Room note is fantastic - and for me the coconut taste was most prevalent throughout. No burn at all. Reminds me of a donut shop early in the morning when the donuts are fresh and the various glazes are wafting from the back.

Dunhill - Durbar 50g
Great Relaxing Smoke
Another great Dunhill blend. Smooth, great tobacco taste and a good hit of nicotine. I love to smoke this with my favorite dram of American Bourbon or Scottish Highland Single Malt. Relax and watch your worries go up in a wonderful column of delicious smoke. Love the smell of the oriental and the tickle of the fair amount of Latakia. I'll buy more of this for sure.

Dunhill - My Mixture BB1938 50g
Holy Cow! Amazing Blend!
I am a huge fan of Dunhill's Latakia blends. After reading the initial information I immediately ordered two tins. One for now and one for later. After smoking the first pipe I should have ordered a dozen. I understand why this blend was so popular. Smooth tasting, slow burning and an a pure Latakia aroma. The Virginia is the perfect minor partner to make the duo harmonious. I hope these don't run out before I can get more. You have to try this even if you're not a huge Latakia freak like me.

Mac Baren - HH Old Dark Fired 1.75oz
Pure Tobacco Taste
If you're looking for a pure quality tobacco taste this is for you. Strong to be sure and I wouldn't recommend it for the neophytes. I smoke cigars as well and that's what this reminded me of a fine hand-rolled premium cigar. Room note was pleasant but, not over powering or too sweet. Aging now so we'll see what time does.

Mac Baren - Modern Virginia Loose Cut 100g
Pleasant Smoke for Sure
Got this as a free sample when I ordered three tins of the HH Series. Loved the smell - definitely citrus, almost lemon to me. Matched it with a new Missouri Meerschum to ensure a fair evaluation. No issues with moisture right out of the pouch. Packs great; lights easily but, don't pack too tightly. Mostly the sweet Virginas initially and then about a third of the way in I picked up the faint, but certain flavor of dried apricot. Paired nicely with a glass of Larceny bourbon. Probably a great all-day smoke that won't offend you're tongue or those around. Put into my cellar to enjoy with a little more age.

Cleaners & Cleaning Supplies - Pipemaster Clean and Cure 2oz
Got to Have This!
My everyday pipe cleaning solution. Fresh smelling and super easy to use. Dip a pipe cleaner and go to town. Two trips down the stem and mouth piece. Twist the pipe cleaner so the clean end is at the top of the loop. Dip again and swamp out the bowl. 30 seconds and you're done. No sour pipes for me.

Cornell & Diehl - Mountain Camp
Do Not Miss This!
I found this when in my favorite tobacconist shop almost ten years ago. He was smoking it and it smelled amazing to me. Then living in Colorado when I heard the name I had to have some. AMAZING!!!! The only tobacco I've found that tastes like it smells. Takes me back to base camp at 11,000' in the Missouri Basin. My wife and grandaughters love when I smoke it and it can' t get a better endorsement than that. Don' try it though so that I can have it all.

Cornell & Diehl - Bayou Night
Great Everyday Smoke
My all time favorite is Mountain Camp so I tried this as an alternate and because it was an intriguing flip on my favorite. I wasn't disappointed. Great taste, pleasant room note. Not as strong as Mountain Camp or as pleasing to my granddaughters but, this will always be in my house. You doubters out there are missing a great blend. But, that's OK because it leaves more for me.

McClelland - Craftsbury: Frog Morton on the Bayou 100g
Great Mild English Blend
I admit to being an English blend freak. I bought a small tin of this at a local tobacco shop because I wanted to try something different than my usual C&D Mountain Camp and Bayou Evening. It's a great change of pace and one I find I can smoke all day. I just ordered two more large tins; I liked it that much!!!

Cornell & Diehl - Sunday Picnic 8oz
Great Pipe Tobacco-Revisit
After reading the blog on summer pipe mixtures I bought this and haven't been disappointed. I am a huge English blend freak but, this is a perfect alternative blend for the Dog Days of Summer. I just smoked another bowl after three years of aging. It blew my mind! Buy two tins and let one age. You will be richly awarded.

Cleaners & Cleaning Supplies - Obsidian Pipe Stem Oil 18ml
Look No Further !!!
Since buying this I haven't used my polishing wheel once. It keeps the pipe bits looking new. I did find that it will not remove oxidation that's already there; but maybe I wasn't giving the solution enough time to work.

Pipe Accessories - Columbus Tobacco Pouch Tan
I just ordered my second one of these. They are absolutely beautiful and top notch craftsmanship. I have others that I'm donating to someone else. All of Columbus products are outstanding quality at an unbelievable price.