Tabac De La Semois - Reserve du Patron 3.5oz
The richer of the two cuts.
I've smoked all of the Tabac Manil varieties, and of the three the Reserve du Patron is my favorite. I would've never suspected that the cut of a tobacco could play such a part in affecting how a tobacco smokes, but here we are. To my tastes, this medium cut of semois gives a richer flavor than the regular cut. Maybe it's because you're putting more of the surface area of the tobacco in your pipe, I don't know. All that I do know, is that this cut of semois has a deeper, more full flavor, than the regular cut for my tastes. The hay, humus, mossy field, and mustiness of the regular cut are still there, but they are deeper, slightly exaggerated, and stronger without the higher notes of those flavors in the regular cut. Test it for yourself, but for my money, this is the superior cut.

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