Kevin F.

McClelland - 401 - Darkest Caramel
not very good
Bout an ounce of this to give it a try. Glad I didnt buy more. Has a nice sweet caramel smell when I open pouch. This smokes warm to hot. Maybe its my fault im a heavy puffer but I never have any issues with lane 1q which is my favorite of all time its just the best. But back to darkest caramel I dont like it too much though it does have a really nice room note just wish it didnt smoke so darn hot.

Lane Limited - 1-Q
5 stars excellent
Been looking for a couple of months now for a good aromatic. After reading so many great revies on this I finally got some this past wednesday. Got 4 ounces. Wish I had ordered more cause its half gone now and its early sat morning. When I open the pouch it had a really nice mellow sweet smell with a hint of vanilla. This packs real easy smokes very cool. Zero bite and im a heavy puffer. Has a great room note too. Wife said it smells good. Kinda tastes like salted caramel and praline pecans. This will be my go to from now on. Will be ordering more monday morning.

Peter Stokkebye - PS303 Peaches & Creme
no no no
I bought this because it had pretty good reviews. Upon opening the pouch it didnt even smell like peaches n cream. Has an off chemical smell. But hey I thought maybe it would smoke good. Darn I was wrong. It smokes real hot with lots of bite. Do yerself a favor dont waste yer money on this.

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