Jeffrey G.

Samuel Gawith - Fire Dance Flake 50g
Follow-up review from 2014
I have smoked two tins of this blend from the years 2010 to 2013. Those two tins were absolutely wonderful. However, my thrid tin purchased in 2015 was not the same. The tin aroma was there, but the taste had totally changed and was not present. The style of flake is completely different also. The first two tins were each one massive strip/flake of soft, leathery tobacco. The third tin consisted of nice looking perfectly rectangular flakes. They were too thick. Whatever Sam Gawith did to this blend ruined it. I would not recommend this blend now. Oh please go back to the way it was made because it was a delicious, quality aromatic unlike typical aromatics. I used to be able to sit back, read a book and sip this blend in my dedicated Boswell bridge pipe...the good ole days. Just wanted to update my 5 star review as that rating has changed. :(

Peter Stokkebye - PS41 Cube Cut
Outstanding tobacco!
I recentley took advantage to a sale on PS tobacco and part of that order was 4oz of Cube Cut. I loaded an old rhodesian Custom-Bilt, just gravity filled and gave it a light press down. I let the loaded bowl sit overnight for a little drying time and so it was ready to fire up! After breakfast, coffee and that bowl followed me to the patio. It was a partly cloudy Oregon morning. I had read the reviews and then looked at the cost, and they just didnt add up. The tobacco is very affordable and has great reviews. This tobacco has a wonderful natural sweet tobacco taste. It does take some lights, but that cut tends to need a few. Medium to above medium in the nicotine. Good amount of smoke. I enjoy smokey tobaccos and not the wispy smoke. For anyone that enjoys Peter Stok Navy Flake, Luxury Bullseye, etc. This tobacco will satisfy. The price is a bonus. Ease of packing and flavor made this a winner! Highly recommended!

Nording - Hunter Blend: Labrador 50g
Solid aromatic
Maintains flavor and taste. Very good aromatic. No complaints here.

Dan Tobacco - Hamborger Veermaster 250g
where's the taste?
I bought this based on a reccommendation...I guess I should have thought twice when the reccommendation came from a cigarette smoker. After experiencing virginia flakes from peter stokkebye, wessex, orlik, sam gawith, dunhill flake hamborger veermaster is very lacking in sweetness and just overall taste. Fairly cigarette like. I will cellar the rest of the tin and hope for the best. So far a resounding no for me. Much better out there and much more economical. Check HV off the gotta try list though

Tom Eltang - English 2oz
Better quality out there
I agree with Bryan W.. I received this in a sample. The color is mostly light brown/tan tobacco so very little latakia is seems. Lights well and the smokiness is there for the first few minutes. But the depth of good english tobacco is not present. Just does not have the deep notes. The flavor does not last and begins to taste cigarette like. Not unsmokeable, but not a keeper in the cellar.

McClelland - AMP - A.M. Pipe
A solid, smooth English!
I cant believe there is no review of this tobacco. I just finished a bowl of what I had left of 2009 bulk A.M. pipe. Wow. This tobacco is lat, orientals and delicious sweet red virginias. All in a great balance. Now this is a knock off of Dunhill EMP. I have a tin of emp, but I have not compared the two. I tell you McClelland am pipe has a winner with this. Highly recommended. I just figure I will decide which to buy, emp or amp, depending on if I want more for my money or if I want to cellar it in a tin. Both are close In price. This bulk amp cellared just fine in a mason jar. Great blend! 4.5 stars bc I always leave room for others to make their challenge! Keep em lit gents!

Peterson - Luxury Blend 50g
An ok Aromatic, but there are better
I purchased this tin in 2011 at a Peterson event at a brick and mortar. The tin description sounds good as does other Peterson aromatics like Sunset Breeze. The tin aroma is very sweet, but good as it is an aromatic. The tobacco lights and burn very well to where there is hardly anything left, no doddle at all hardly. It reminds me of what I expected Sunset Breeze to be like. And it is like a mild Peterson's 2012 Special Reserve, which is an amazing aromatic. It is not a tin I will give away. I will smoke it, but probably not purchase again. I mostly enjoy VA/Per and a few aromatics.

Drew Estate - Tabak Especial Negra Robusto
Enjoyable for beginner
I received this cigar from a friend. I am a pipe smoker and do not enjoy the typical cigar - too much nicotine. This cigar is a coffee infused cigar with a sweetened tip. I know. Sweet tipped cigars - go get a swisher sweet! But for a beginner, this hit the spot. It was a healthy size, but not too long of a smoke. Mild in nicotine. Rich chocolate and coffee flavors after about a third of it smoked. I enjoyed this cigar and it has made me more interested in trying more infused cigars.

Erinmore - Erinmore Mixture 50g
I received a 50gram tin of this from a friend. The description above is well...nothing like the tobacco. I have smoked several bowls and tried different pipes. This tobacco has no good qualities except it burns well. The last tobacco I smoked that described it as a "mellow aromatic" was Robert McConnell Glen Piper. Neither tobaccos have any taste. Nothing to stock up on for me. I will stick with Erinmore Flake.

Samuel Gawith - Fire Dance Flake 250g
Aro made with QUALITY tobacco!
I believe I first purchased a tin of SG Firedanace Flake bc of the tin description - blackberry, brandy and vanilla. Sounded good. Later I discovered it was made with SG Best Brown Flake. You mean an aromatic made with a quality brown flake and not just shredded, low grade tobacco??? Absolutely. I smoke this in my 2009 Boswell wedge/bridge pipe. Love it with a Zippo. Just sip on it for the flavoring to come through. Smoke it hard and the flavor is hidden in the heat. I highly reccommend this tobacco for those who like aromatics but do not get anything from the tobacco that they are typically made with. The next tobacco order will include 250g of Firedance for 30$ from!!

Samuel Gawith - Fire Dance Flake 50g
Now that is a quality Aro!
Unlike most aromatics, this tobacco is not made up of cavendish with some virg/burleys cased in syrup. Quality Best Brown Flake flavored with Blackberry, Brandy and Vanilla make for a great flake smoke. I have a dedicated Boswell wedge pipe for this tobacco. It leaves the pipe with the smells listed above. The tin note is amazing and unique. A flake with added unique flavor. Wonderful! This is a classy aromatic tobacco. Great job SG!

Two Friends - English Chocolate 2oz
J. Gilbert
I tried to enjoy this tobacco as the tin note was quite nice. I smoked two bowls, but could not get past the harshness. Not a smooth smoke and the taste/flavor was not what I expected. No for me.

Wessex - Gold Virginia Flake 50g
J. Gilbert
I received this tin of Wessex Gold Virg. Flake as a gift and had never heard of Wessex. I have smoked Dunhill Flake, Orlik GS, PS Luxury Bullseye and Twist Flake, Escudo, Davidhoff Flake Medallions. The Wessex was my favorite by far. That is what I imagined just tobacco would taste like. Nothing special imparted in the flake just natural sweetness and burned well. I smoked the whole tin straight away. I am looking forward to getting another tin and also trying the Red Virginia Flake.

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