Lane Limited - Medal of Valor
Hits a "Sweet Spot"
Wow! I had read about MoV prior to its introduction - something about its being essentially a reintroduction of a years-discontinued blend with a similar name & tin design - so I ordered a couple of ounces to try out. Heh. I've now burned through 2 pounds of the stuff and am going to order another pound this week. The blend reminds me very much of Lane's Crown Achievement, but with an addictive (to me anyway) difference. Periodically through the bowl, the smoker encounters little bursts of an almost vanilla/coconut-tasting sweetness . . . quite surprising in an otherwise straight-up English blend. Honestly, I don't know whether it's the "specially selected Latakia" or some other component in the blend that's responsible for that unidentifiable, intriguing and completely alluring taste in Medal of Valor, but it's my all-day blend right now.

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