Lane Limited - Vanilla Black Cavendish
A great tobacco from Lane LTD.
I think this tobacco is absolutely great. It's smooth with no bite. I can set my pipe down during a smoke and relight it with no sour taste. This weekend I was at a party and I went outside to grab a few puffs. A young woman came out and said that she could smell chocolate so the room note is very pleasant. I would definitely recommend this tobacco to new pipe smokers.

Lane Limited - Dark Red
Smokes great if you dry it out first
I've been smoking Dark Red for almost three months now and really enjoy it. One Con though is that to really enjoy this tobacco you should dry it out for awhile first. If you don't it won't stay lit and it can get juicy in your pipe. I have not experienced any bite but once or twice my pipe got too hot to hold so I had to set my pipe down to let it cool. My wife likes the aroma also. I was smoking Black Raspberry, which I really like also, but my wife said that it was too strong and she didn't like it but she doesn't have a problem with Dark Red which makes me glad that I could find a substitute that I enjoy also.

Lane Limited - Black Raspberry
No bite at all
This is without a doubt the best tobacco that I have ever smoked. There is no bite what so ever. Even if I set my pipe down with half a bowlful left I can relight it hours later and it still smokes smooth and with no bite or sour taste. In my opinion this is the best tobacco for someone just starting to smoke a pipe or for someone looking for a smooth flavorful smoke. It also has a very pleasant aroma. I would definitely recommend this tobacco to anyone that's looking for a mild pipe tobacco.