Sutliff - 515 RC-1
Tangy deliciousness
I ended up trying sutliffs red virginia crumble kake prior to trying 515. I figured since I really enjoyed the kake, maybe the bulk, ribbon cut would be similar. Having tried them both now, I would say the kake is probably just 515 with some additional processing, pressed into a cake and aged. They are very similar in flavor. 515 is my go-to everyday, anytime smoke. The red virigina is tangy sweet, and mellow as others have stated. Comparing this to red cake is not really a fair comparison. They are certainly similar, but mcclelland virginias definitely have more of a ketchup smell, while the sutliff blends are more straight vinegar. I enjoy sutliff's version every bit as much as red cake, maybe even a bit more so. I feel like the vinegar (whatever it is they put on the tobacco) adds to the tangy flavor profile, and I very much enjoy it. If you don't like vinegary things, you will probably not enjoy this tobacco. If you are looking for an absolute match to red cake, this is not it. What it is, however, is a very enjoyable red virginia with some similar characteristics. It has quickly become one of my favorites (along with the red va crumble kake). I just bought a pound so I can cellar it a few years and see how it ages :)

515 RC-1

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