Romeo y Julieta - 1875 Mini White Original (20 Pack)
Good ones
Great value for a Spanish cigarrillo, easy to smoke, tasteful and nice room note. The can is a value added to keep them on the way.

Lighters - Kiribi Kabuto Silver Satin
Beautiful piece
Strong, elegant, packed in a nice hard paper box, works really good and fits well at hand to light a pipe. Perfect for a gift, great value and, incredibly on these days, is made in Japan (not in China, hurrah!!!). To fill the butane (a Ronson gas) I needed to take off the screw to reach properly the valve. You can adjust the flame easily.

Pipe Accessories - Savinelli Velvet Long Pipe Pouch Brown
Elegant pouch
Perfect for store a Churchwarden, on chamois leather, Italian fancy way. The original pouch of the Savinelli Churchwarden pipe are too short and cheap for it , so this is an added value to the pipe, it deserves. Also remains space to hold some tobacco in another small pouch, if you like it.

Stands & Pouches - Peterson Classic 1 Pipe Tobacco Pouch
Very nice leather pouch
A really leather pouch (smell it, please), elegant, with the necessary space to carry together the basics to have a smoke on the way. Very good value!

Savinelli - Essenza Cipriota 100g
Nice gift
Received as a special gift to purchase a Savinelli pipe ( a beauty), it was a really good experience of a smooth tobacco, not bitter at all, right humidity. Much better than the Dunhills that I tasted. Give it a chance.

Voyageur (116) (Rock Maple Inserts)

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Voyageur (165) (Rock Maple Inserts)

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