Adam G.

Cornell & Diehl - Orion's Arrow
"Orions Arrow will show you the way"
Just about chewable, strong thick smoke, smooth and not bitey, a retrohalers dream. I have tried most of C.D'S bulk blends, Old Joe Krantz, Billy Budd, Haunted Bookshop amongst my favourites and had never ordered Orions Arrow, I don't know why but now that I have it joins the above, I don't write reviews on tobacco lightly, they are written for fellow pipers and newbies to inform them of a special smoke, that is a joy to light up, savour and become one with others who value this wonderful experience, I don't want my bowl to finish when it's this nice, well there you have it, order this and welcome to my world, well that's what this pastime is all about, sharing knowledge and exposing fellow pipers to new joys, kind regrds, from Adelaide, Soth Australia.

Cornell & Diehl - Tuggle Hall
This is a mighty fine English, no preparation required, burns down to a fine white ash, a fine well balanced mixture, flavour stays the same throughout the bowl, no strong finish here, a must try for lovers of old school English blends, in my regular rotation and soon will be in yours,I simply love this smoke, regards from Adelaide, South Australia.

Cornell & Diehl - Billy Budd
Fabulous mouthfilling smoke, a fine blend of quality tobaccos as good if not better than tinned alternatives. Enjoying mine right now in a "BJARNE" large old 9mm handmade, accompanied by a lovely mug of Peruvian organic free trade freshly ground coffee, it doesn't get much better than this, the retrohale is exquisite. In a similar vein, you might like to try"HABANNA DAYDREAM",or some of the "JOHN PATTON" line of tobaccos, keep on creamy smoking, regards from, Adelaide, South Australia.

Comoy's - Cask No.4
"RATED"90" WHY?!!!!!!
I was getting ready to place my tobacco order and thought, Stokebye flake or Comoys. So I loaded two identical "95" Stanwell flake pipes with both tobaccos, to find out exactly which one I liked the most, puffing from both pipes between mouthfuls of english breakfast tea, back and forth until I realized, I liked the COMOYS more than the other, this is an underrated smoke and I don't know why, COMOYS suffers bad press on blog sites, so now I say to you all, give it a go, you won't be disappointed, kind regards from, Adelaide, South Australia.

Newminster - No. 1 All Natural
I normally order 400 flake from NEWMINSTER and had some of this added to my order during the last sale, I was so impressed by this that I ordered more straight away before sale finished, this is why, it's lovely by itself, you could smoke it all day, you can jazz it up with ARO'S or add some MACBARENS dark fired for a full strenghth smoke, also goes well with NEWMINSTER round slices, I have mason jarred some up to surprise me in the future, as a tobacco that has just arrived, I like this more than 400 to smoke straight away, a great flake at a more than fair price, what more could you ask for, greetings from, Adelaide, South Australia.

Newminster - No.3 Very Cherry
This is not over cased, very mild and pleasant cherry flavor, I wouldn't describe myself as an ARO smoker, cause I really love natural tobaccos, I have enjoyed this one though as the natural tobacco notes shine through, wouldn't call it multi dimensional, it is what it is, I was more than happy to cherry on and not think I was eating kiddies lollies, I listened to prior reviews and if Bill says it bites I smoke it in a 9mm pipe, problem solvered, after all your sposed to smoke it not eat it, a great beginner's smoke, kind regards from, Adelaide, South Australia.

Newminster - No.306 English Orient
Let's not keep this secret, retrohalers dream, I am smoking my first pipe as I write this, I've got all the super english, balkan, latakia lovers smokes, this smoke is so nice, one match light, beautiful turkish up front, unbelievably smooth, do yourself a massive favour and order this one, as soon as the masses find it, who knows what might happen, stock up so your never left alone, this smoke is great company, one of the easiest englishes you'll ever smoke, I'm smoking as is, I won't adulterate this one, I'm more than fine with it, I'm sure you will be too, well what are you waiting for, kind regards, from Adalaide, South Australia.

Cornell & Diehl - Founding Fathers
"Just Purely Lovely Stuff"
My favorite "ARO" of all, agree wholeheartedly with previous reviews, can't get sick of it and get rather sad when stock is running low, nice to add a pinch to your favorite burley or virginia's, heads up for fellow pipers who love this baccy, "NEWMINSTER" 31 OPTIMAL CHOICE, WILL BE RIGHT UP YOUR ALLEY, give it a try, similar flavour and nose, cased slightly more and just as enjoyable, you would spend much more trying to find a tinned variety any where near as good, when you have tried these two, write a review and let me know the tin to get that's better, leave you to it, much enjoyment awaits, kind regards from Adelaide, Australia.

Cornell & Diehl - Exclusive
This Tobacco is as described, that explains to normal people why it was smoked by native American indians it is positively, soporific.....tranquilizing, hence, peace pipe references from day's gone by, being a PERIQUE fanatic you won't fail to be absorbed by this old school smoke, I absolutely love this, no top dressing detected, VaPer and nothing else, sip it slowly from a small to medium bowl, you should be able to handle it, maybe a little dizzy at the end....but I guess that's what you are after when you order this....mighty fine mixture, I don't think for blending...fine just as it is....not for the faint of heart. I tried this one after a hearty dinner, I strongly recommend that you do the same and all good luck to you, greetings from Adelaide, Australia

Sutliff - Old San Francisco 1.5oz
WOW!!! Top Quality English...Super Value...Hidden Secret AAAHHH!!! So Nice.
Fantastic offering from Sutliff, quality far surpasses price you pay, on opening of tin this wonderful English greets you like an old friend and yes it wont let you down, comparable with other more famous english brands, not a traditional english with perique and dark fired burley, as I said it won't let you down, give this one a try, no lack lustre Latakia here, top quality available for a mere pittance, when you have tried this let your people know, this deserves to be enjoyed by more folk, nuff said, pipe on, greetings from Adelaide, Australia.

Sutliff - Top Shelf 1.5oz
"oh geez dat's nice!!!!!!
Well friends, had my first tin of this sent from a friend in U.S.A accompanying a lovely pipe I aquired from him, thanks for that Jimmy, I am a VaPer lover and not much into Aro's, usually adding a pinch to my most loved smokes for tad of difference. This baccy is beautiful by itself and deserves a much higher tin rating, more people should try this one, on cracking open the tin you are greeted with a mighty fine bourbon aroma, no tongue bite here, has become one of my favouite aro's, agree with prior reviws and can highly recommend this one, room note to die for, give it a try, very, very, nice, greetings from, Adelaide, Australia, merry pipers.

Cornell & Diehl - Granulated Perique
A pinch of this lovely condiment, "YES PLEASE".
C&D "BRIGHT VIRGINIA RIBBON" + " YORKTOWN", equal amounts, enough to fill a big bowled "BJARNE", And two pinches of "C&D Granulated Perique", Lit with a match then tamped down, left alone for about ten minutes, then relight and enjoy, this is old school traditional smoking at it's best, sip it slowly, pure magic for VaPer lovers. I also add a pinch to my "SUTLIFF" 1849, To bring up the Perique a tad, the aforementioned blends can be left in a jar for flavors to mix and meld, a few days will aptly reward you, dont go mental with the "PERIQUE" For it's condimental, you know, review written while I smoke this beauty, trusting you will enjoy this just as much as "I", kind regards from Adelaide, South Australia, " VAPE ON".Just lovin it !!!!!!

Mac Baren - HH Old Dark Fired Ready Rubbed
"WOW" That for added strength, "THATS"What I'm talking about.
Firstly, don't mistake this for a replacement for the tinned version, they are both great tobaccos but this is not as complex or aged as much as the tinned version. This tobacco is great to strengthen up milder tobaccos, both aromatics and naturals, I love this in a smaller bowl, my "Refbjerg" handcarved, I get to the bottom gently sipping without it becoming strong or tedious, I also like it in my"95 Stanwell flake pipes" I experiment mixing it with other flakes, "Stokkebye", "Comoys"also for a super strong smoke, "Newminster" coin cut. This is a strong, satisfying go to smoke, a heavenly mouthful of dense old school flavour, definitely not for new pipe smokers, you'll find your way here eventually, just not now, there are many milder tobaccos for you to try first, I hope this is always going to be available as it is something I truly treasure, I'm sure Per at MAC BARENS will see to that, thankyou for such a great smoke, kind regards, from Adelaide, South Australia.

Newminster - No.400 Superior Navy Flake
This virginian flake I would describe on the milder side, that said it benefits greatly from storage in small "Ball" mason jars, times as short as one month will make a lot of difference to this tobacco, store in separate jars so you don't keep opening the jar you're trying to ferment, it darkens quite quickly, an indication of smokability. What you can do is leave small amounts of other tobacco out to go crispy dry, ie..Latakia or your favorite aromatic, berry, mango, peaches and cream, get my drift, tease out your flake in a bowl, rub your dried condiment tobacco into powder then gently rub that through your flake and"WALLAGH" the rest is up to you, experiment to your hearts content. Expand your tobacco knowledge, you never know, you just might come up with something you love, kind regards, from Adelaide, South Australia.

Newminster - No.403 Superior Round Slices
Have to disagree with last review, when smoking strong tobacco, have respect, sip it slowly, savor the flavour. Let's bring that star rating up then ay. This baccy can be folded, rubbed, stuffed and cut. Try cutting It cube style and mix half and half with Newminster flake cut the same way

Cornell & Diehl - Morley's Best
7 months in a Ball jar
Got up this morning, looking at my jars, searching for a nice way to start my day and you guessed it, I've found it. MORLEYS BEST!!!Smoking it in an Ove Lindall no3... on false light the baccy springs up from the bowl, nice creamy mouthful of flavorsome smoke, this is a sublime smoke, the retrohale is exquisite, puffs of bliss a perfect melding of latakia and various american burleys, yes, I have chosen a wonderful way to start my day, so why don't you, don't miss out on this one, something special originally blended by someone who knew a great blend when he made it and I agree wholeheartedly

McClelland - 2015 Virginia-Perique Flake
smells like meat pie tomato ketchup potatoe chips
Doesn't taste anything like it smells,smoked in a Stanwell "95" flake pipe, an easy tobacco to rub out, nice moisture level on arrival, no drying prior to smoking, a nicely balanced medium to strong tobacco, with perique nestled gently in the background, no need to relight during smoking as moisture guessed just right for minimal fuss and no tongue bite. A nice non offensive room note with a mouthful of thick delicious smoke.I mix this with mac barens dark fired bulk at 50/50ratio and this gives you a mighty fine smoke and stretches out your"2015"giving you great value for your buck, I know you'll enjoy "2015" this way and please tell your friends so they don't miss out on this taste sensation, sip it slowly, enjoy your favorite pipe and best regards from Adelaide, Australia.

Cornell & Diehl - Morley's Best
smooth big and burley
Right from the start, I knew I was on a winner, being a virginia Vaper lover, I was pleasantly surprised, big and burley, that familiar nose tickle, hay and lemon citrus evident straight away and remaining persistent throughout the bowl, strong nicotine hit present, not for the faint hearted, mouthfilling heavy smoke, a nice sipper, you dont want the bowl to end, a real manly smoke, virginias, faint latakia and big and bold burleys all skillfully blended a most masterful blend, absolutely love it, make sure you've eaten beforehand as you may risk paling out, no joke, this is strong, dont say you weren't forewarned, hope you love this as much as I did, sometimes burley does hit the spot. Kind regards from Adelaide

Vauen - Auenland 50g
light fruity refreshment
Smoked in small Ascorti 9mm apple, false light is easy, small amount of tamping down then stayed lit through whole pipe. Peach and orange in the background, pleasing melding of tobaccos, I must remind you this smoke is on the light side, a good one for beginners, no tongue bite and no aftertaste. For oldschool smokers of english styles, and thick smoke lovers this isn't it, alighter style smoke with a great room note, will keep your missus and friends happy, why not give it a try, I've given you the drum, long live the pipers of the world, greetings from Adelaide Australia. P.S sample provided from Germany, and I thank you for that my friend.

Cornell & Diehl - Bayou Morning
VaPer at it's best
1 match lit my pipe, no more lights required through whole bowl, smoked in a SweetBrown old school 9mm Sardinian briar. On lighting pleasant virginian hay notes at the fore, decent amount of perique building as bowl burns down, pleasant melding of the tobaccos with faint citrus overtones, maybe a light dressing of brown sugar but no other casings evident, fair nicotine hit, light tingling of the nose from pleasing vapors, zero tongue bite, flavour fairly constant throughout the bowl, and no aftertaste, have to agree with Bill a most excellent VaPer. something you should give a try, dont worry about the perique, it's a good buddy and you'll hardly know it's there, greetings from Adelaide, South Australia, Vap on !!!

Cornell & Diehl - Three Friars
Don't compare to others, love it for itself.
On arrival packed an old vintage heavy Bari, 160 gram, 9mm pipe with this fine Vap tobacco to accompany my cup of fine yorkshire tea, three matches later we are lit and on our way, not much happening at the start but as my bowl burns down a richness of natural virginia comes to the fore nicotine in good amounts present with faint lemon shining through the background, no casings evident, definately no tongue bite, a good pipe tobacco for first time pipers transitioning from cigarettes, hope this helps you make up your mind, give it a try you just might like it, regards from Australia.

Cornell & Diehl - Old Joe Krantz
nice mouthful of dense deliciousness
Go Joe Krantz, lets never stop making this blend, not for the faint of heart, beginners beware but nothing to be afraid of, just take it slow, sip it like a fine Barrossa Valley port. When first lit it can take your breath away, then it settles down and lets you appreciate the effort that has gone into blending such a fine offering, old school at its best put some away in a mason jar and cellar it like a fine wine, surely worth it and you shall be rewarded in time, kind regards, from Adelaide, Australia. Now the whole world knows, isn't that great for us dedicated pipers, hurrah!!!

Grand Croupier - Wildcard
wonderfully surprised
Did not expect much from this tobacco, ordered 4 ounces to use as a bulking agent blender, smoked in a designer berlin straight bulldog twin stem 9mm filter pipe. A kaleidoscope of flavours, no latakia present, skillfully blended, a nice smooth smoke, similar to Ashtons smooth sailing, good for beginners and all day smoking, will not be blending this batch, no tongue bite and as you progress down the bowl you are greeted with intricate nuances little bits of different tobaccos coming to life, expected floor sweepings but received much more, a whole bang for your buck, try some, you wont be disappointed, I'm ordering more for sure, hoping the next batch is just as good, whoever blended this was considering the masses, offers like this help the financially challenged to keep on smoking, greetings from Adelaide, Australia.

Balkan Sobranie - Balkan Sobranie 50g
latakia lovers syrup
This tobacco is so fine that if it was food you were eating, you'd want to regurgitate it and eat it again. Let the smoke slowly out of your mouth and inhale through your nose and you'll see what I mean, all the hype about this tobacco is true and thats a rare thing, when it's available again, make sure you get some, because out of the hundreds of different tobaccos I've tried over the years this would have to be one of, if not the best I've ever had, just remember, if your not into latakia, don't bother, blue smokes a tanging, enjoy.

Ashton - Smooth Sailing 50g
pleasant surprise
Smoked in a small Ascorti 9mm pipe, a light on tobacco with a nice room note, lacks body for those of us who like a wholesome smoke, but dont get me wrong it's lovely on a walk with your dogs, has no tongue bite and leaves no aftertaste in your mouth, I would recommend for young pipers and first timers as its not hard to like, if you have a bowl you'll want another, enough said, just enjoy.

Sutliff - Sutliff 1849 1.5oz
a most lovely surprise!!
This tin was sent to me from a friend in America who obtained it at the Chicago pipe show. When I first tried it, I was not overly impressed, but after opening tin and days going by it got better every time I opened the tin, it is a very cleverly constructed tobacco, with hidden complexities that become apparent the more you smoke of it, hints of lemon and no apparent casings, a most wonderful virginian, a faithful recreation of old school tobacco, make sure you try this one, but be very careful, you may just fall in love, sure to become one of your favourites, just remember, it's like a new friend, it will slowly grow on you, just give it a chance, I was lucky to have it as a gift of which I'm ever so grateful and got to smoke it before it was available to the general public and the very first person in Australia to try it, and remember, be careful if you try it, you just might like it, kind regards, from a fellow piper.

F & K
Sterling Balkan

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