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Sutliff - Tobacco Galleria: Night Cap
best Aromatic
Tobacco Galleria # 1 best Aromatic is Night Cap I have spent $1000 on aromatic in pipe tobaccos that all claim the be a Aromatic but there really not but when I tell you this one is the best I have ever had the smell is very strong if you smoke outside like I do to get a better smell do to the fresh air blowing you will have your friends and wives and neghtbors and girlfriend giving you compliments

Sutliff - Tobacco Galleria: Classic Chocolate
Classic Chocolate Vanilla
I love Tobacco Galleria pipe tobaccos but this one is very lite in the aromatic the best piple tobaccos from Tobacco Galleria are 1)Nightcap 2)Midnight smoke 3) Blue note 4) TIE Montego Bay and Irish Crème

Erik Stokkebye 4th Generation - 1957 3.5oz
4th Generation 1957
I got this tobacco because every one told me it was a great aromatic this why I don't trust reviews anymore it smells really good it smokes great no bite but no aromatic

CAO - Cherrybomb 50g
Cherrybomb is a very light aromatic it dose smell like cherrys but should have not been called cherrybomb do to its not over whelming and is very boring the Admiral Cavendish cherry is way better of a aromatic if anyone is looking for a cherry tobacco and u like aromatic I give the bingcherry 9 out of a 10

Gawith Hoggarth & Co. - Brown Flake Aromatic
Brown Flake Scented
Brown Flake Scented it smells like bengay when u smoke it there is no aromatic to this tobacco never trust people review on any pipe tobacco I have spent $1000 on pipe tobacco over all make the list of the worst tobacco I have ever smoket

Gawith Hoggarth & Co. - Dark Flake Unscented
Dark Flake Unscented
where do I start this is one of the worst pipe tobaccos I have ever had next to Mississippi River It smokes hot no bit burns fast smells Awful the taste is like Drinking coffee grounds I rate this -0 NEEDS ALOT OF WORK

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