Lane Limited - 1-Q
Good stuff
Great stuff. THE pipe smell non smokers expect from a pipe. My fiance wants someone to make a scented candle of this stuff. She will ask me to smoke it from time to time if I've not in awhile. She associates it with the early days of our relationship and for that reason it will always be special to us. It has a good sweet taste to compliment the smell which is like coconut and vanilla cakes baking or sugar cookies. The only thing to smoke socially around non smokers. I have friends who were brought to the briar just because of this blend. When I think of this tobacco I long for a big bowl full of it, a mug of hot tea and a great book on a fall evening. It is my friend and the only aromatic I now smoke. Great taste, great Smell, easy to maintain, no tongue bite why NOT smoke it ?

Dunhill - Royal Yacht 50g
Almost an every day smoke
Good stuff. Just a little spice, enough to give it a peppery quality. It complements coffee very well in my opinion, or a good strong tea. It has just a little too much nicotine for an all day smoke, but is good for an after lunch or dinner puff. I rather like it while I'm driving with a cup of hot coffee to sip between puffs. It's like a lower octane 1792 flake. The flavor stays about the same from start to finish to me, sometimes towards the end of a bowl it gets a cigarette smell to it this could be the pipe,or the way I smoked it at the time. I don't know. It's a good base for mixing. Throw some Cavendish in to sweeten it or lat to spice it up . I like it as it is. Everyone should keep a tin on hand

Peterson - Sunset Breeze 50g
so so
Its okay. The tin smells great. To me the taste just isn't there. There are better aromatics out there that have both the smell and taste combined. If it were a cheaper blend it would get higher rating from me perhaps. I won't mention tongue bite. It is an aromatic and must be smoked as one. Maybe someday I will try it again. To each his own. Worth trying once .

Samuel Gawith - 1792 Flake 50g
Smoke it slowly sitting down
I enjoy the stuff. Plenty of flavor, good nicotine content for an almost medicinal calming effect. It needs to be savored. Smoke it slowly sitting down when all you have to do is reflect on the smoke and unwind. It is fairly complex to my palate, rich and tasty. If it were a meat it would be a thick venison steak. Smells surprisingly good, my fiance actually almost likes it. That is key for any tobacco! The only complaint, hard to light.

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