Cornell & Diehl - Bradyville 2oz
At first light, I found a lot of sweetness between the brandy and the tobaccos. The Burley gives it some body. This is not a black cavendish - but a browner leaf.. A much more fruity & alcohol flavoring. I could imagine, however, a batch to batch or even a tin to tin difference, as is my personal experience with C&D. The tobacco needs to be sipped, and treated carefully or it will burn extremely hot. I did not experience any bite.

Germain - Century 50g
Fairly thin ribbion cut. Burns well. Smokey flavor from the Cyprian is the forefront flavor. The Orientals provide a spice. The rum adds some sweetness to it. Not a bad all day smoke for those who are latakia fans. Not readily available, but not because of the blend itself.

Rattray's - Red Rapparee 50g
Great Red VA Blend
Great Red VA taste w/ latakia/oriental condiments. Burns fantastically. High quality stuff.

Hearth & Home - Ambassador's Blend 1.5oz
Standard Rich English
Rich Latakia flavor. Smokey, burns easily, packs well, smokes nice. Very typical Rich English blend.

Former - Jubilee - 50th Anniversary 50g
Great Syrian Blend
Smooth, smokey, and sweet. If you like Syrian Latakia, this is one to try!

Cornell & Diehl - John Marr 2oz
Moist directly out of the tin. A Bourbon/Vanilla aroma out of the tin, reminding me of GL Pease Virginia Cream. The flavors are complex. The Virginia does a good job of staying throughout, and the Oriental gives it a good layer of additional flavor. The Perique tends to save itself for the end. The Bourbon/Vanilla is subtle in the smoke, but provides a fairly pleasant room note. Burns well -- very manageable with a small amount of dry time.

Cornell & Diehl - Bluegrass 2oz
Quite Good
This blend is one of the better combinations of these components that I've had. Dark-fired and Perique really shine in this one.

Cornell & Diehl - Nutty Irishman
Could Use More
I wasn't super impressed by this one. As most Cornell & Diehl, it packed/smoked/burned well. Minimal dottle at the end of the bowl. I didn't get much nutty flavor at any part during the bowl. I got what seemed to be a slight hazelnut flavor. I did catch some Whiskey every so often, but it wasn't very pleasant. It didn't lose it's flavor throughout the bowl, however there wasn't a very distinct flavor at any point for me.

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