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Pipe Tools & Supplies - 8deco Black Leather Double Ended Tamper
Nice Balance, Form, and Function
I've used this for a couple weeks, now, and really like the feel and function. Here's the scoop, though. Since the head is very large, there are TWO MAJOR issues that you need to be aware of. 1. The greater surface area means a lighter pressure being exerted. Since I've got the feel of a standard smaller headed tamper, my baccy kept going out on me until I figured out that I just wasn't tamping with enough pressure...or frequently enough. 2. Because the head is larger, it WILL NOT tamp all the way down to the dottle in the narrower bowls. The angled head is something I'm still playing with. It's HIGHLY effective in that, as soon as you introduce it to your pack, it'll really heat things up for you. I like the way it pulls the baccy off the walls though...just not sure that's a 'GOOD' thing to do. Nicely made and has a great feel though!

Lighters - Kiribi Kabuto Short Black Matte
Good Light/Value
I couldn't choke down nearly double the money for another Old Boy Pewter. With the help of Keith, I landed upon this one and am not sorry I did. It's a fine lighter and I believe it does everything the Old Boy does; and perhaps a bit more. The wing on the cap is a nice feature, and I like knowing that the spring is more durable. AFTER ONE MONTH OF USE... HOWEVER, just as others have experienced with this, and other lighters like the XIKAR, the screws all come loose and make the lighters parts start wiggling. I removed the couple screws and gave'em a dose of 242 Loctite which outta do the trick. I think Kiribi should have done that from the beginning. Additionally, last night I noticed that my flint screw had nearly backed itself all the way out to the point where it would have come out and been lost. Not good, but that's probably just as much my fault for not checking it periodically.