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McClelland - Special: Holiday Spirit 2016 50g
Very Familiar
This tobacco reminds me very strongly of their Premium: Tastemaster blend; this is a good thing, as it's one of my favorites! The cocoa in this is a bit more full-flavored than in the Tastemaster, with a bit more vanilla in the tin note. Very pleasing overall, but it does take a long time to air out before being able to smoke.

McClelland - Premium Aromatic: Tastemaster 50g
Great intro
This was one of the first "nice" tobaccos I purchased (other than the stuff you can get at your local grocery store), and was my favorite smoke for a long time. It's got a great creamy / chocolatey flavor that is very mild and tastes like a rich mousse.

Sutliff - Maple Street 1.5oz
Pleasant surprise!
I also received this as a free sample, and was glad I did! Though I'm not as fond of it as I am other Sutliff blends (Bacchanalia to name one), this is still a very mild, pleasant smoke that has a great taste and a mild room note.

Cornell & Diehl - Rajah's Court 2oz
This is a nice blend of tobaccos, but for some reason this came across as very strong. The taste is complex, and (for me at least) is best in small doses.

Sutliff - Bacchanalia 1.5oz
Sweet as can be
Opening the tin, you get a delicious whiff of cherry and chocolate. The room note is amazing, and my wife usually ends up scooting closer to me when I smoke this tobacco. It's a little too sweet for a regular smoke, but one or two small bowls a day are perfect.

McClelland - 221-B Series: Honeydew 50g
Good daily smoke
I was introduced to this tobacco by accident, and was pleasantly surprised! This is a pleasant, relaxing smoke, and the salty sweetness gets my mouth watering as soon as I open the tin. It can be a bit bold at first, but after a few puffs it's a great tobacco to relax with.

Sutliff - Kasimir 1.5oz
Spy Movie
For some reason, smoking this puts me in mind of spy movies set in the "Orient"; rich but not overpowering, exotic and slightly spicy, this is a great all-around smoke. I'm on my third tin in the past four months, and have two in the cellar.

Bacchanalia 1.5oz

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221-B Series: Honeydew 50g

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Premium Aromatic: Tastemaster 50g

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Mac Baren
7 Seas Black 3.5oz

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  • ► I asked myself recently if the appeal of Cuban cigars was primarily based on the forbidden fruit aspect of them...this article does a lot to answer that, and to answer other questions I had bouncing around my noggin concerning the topic. Thanks for the information!