David A.

Mac Baren - HH Vintage Syrian 1.75oz
A Great Blend
Get some of this blend while you can. It's a great smoke and features tobacco that is soon to be gone forever. As soon as I can I plan on adding more of this blend to my cellar, I just hope it's still available when I have the funds.

Grand Croupier - Boneyard
More than worth the Price
I bought a pound of this to pad my cellar as it were. When I received the baccy, I fired it up and found it to be a worthy smoke. If your looking for a decent smoke cheap and are an English fan I highly recommend it.

Captain Black - Premium Edition Black Sea 1.75oz
A Great Smoke!
Order a couple of tins of this on a lark, I love Captain Black Gold, so decide it was worth a shot. Waited until ISPD to crack this tin at our local pipe club meeting. If you want a nice aro and you are a latakia fan this is the blend for you. With one tin in the bank as it were, this will likely be a regular part of both my smoking rotation and my future tobacco orders.

Super Value - English Mixture 1.5oz
Good for the wallet
This is good for the budget minded English lover. I agree with the other review, this is a good choice for long term storage. Will likely buy more for that purpose, I like some of the more expensive Englishes out there, but since I have a strict budget this will provide a good smoke for a good price. I didn't have an issue with the moisture as stated in another review, only reason this isn't a 5 star baccy for me is the mildness of this blend, still worth having in your cellar.

Super Value - Black & Gold 1.5oz
Very Mild
Bought this to try as a possible budget minded substitute for Captain Black Gold.This baccy is very mild, and while it does have a pleasing flavor, I wouldn't suggest it in a pipe that has had any other kind of baccy through it, you'll never taste it. I plan on picking up a cob or a cheap pipe to smoke with this, this is one to have a dedicated pipe for.

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