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Peterson - University Flake 50g
Best Va flake to me
Some people tastes some plum aroma, but not me. I swear I can't feel any chemical aroma, only the sweet fundamental note of Virginia, which is pretty strong but rounded up by the burley.

Samuel Gawith - St. James Flake 50g
I use this to rest from University Flake, it's a good medium Virginia. They say there's Perique here... kidding! Of course tastes a bit different from pure Va and I like it (I love Va). But if you're at the stage where you want to know how Perique tastes like, this is not the right tobacco in my humble opinion.

Mac Baren - Mixture Scottish Blend 3.5oz
Aromatic must
You get the tobacco AND the citrus, the most You can expect from this non-candy aromatic. I could never have aromatics in my everyday bowls, I'll admit it, I'm a balkan-ish smoker by hearth that's always trying something different, but couldn't be disappointed knowing what I was going to get. In my top10 aromatic experiences for now. New tin in briar.

Peterson - Sherlock Holmes 50g
A shy aromatic
My first 2oz here, so I must say that surely I wasn't expecting that flavor opening the lid: i didn't know about the casing aroma! This is no Mixture Scottish Blend, of course, so it's safe for most non-aromatic mild smokers, BUT some citrus flavoring is there and it's going to stay for the whole bowl, and never really fade away at the end of the tin (at least not in a couple weeks). That being said, the tobacco is well cut and beautiful, the flavors blended nicely and it never gave me tongue bite - btw it's that kind of tobacco that requires a relaxed approach. To me this is a very easy smoke for anyone, just not the kind of everyday mild I was looking for. I would call it a "why not?" Smoked a new tin in a poker briar.

Brunello Flake 100g

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Dan Tobacco
Old Ironsides 50g

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Oscar Lucite (310 KS)

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Early Morning Pipe 50g

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University Flake 50g

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